Perfect spot colors and brilliant images - with software instead of expensive inks



Special colors are especially eye-catching. But to work with them requires effort and expense. Extra inventory, higher prices, frequent color changes and subsequent wash-up and press downtime all add up to reduced flexibility in job processing and significantly impact the whole production workflow. As a result, the printing press is not used to the best of its potential and productivity drops. That costs time and money.

X GAMUT is a fully automatic color management software for extended color printing on digital and conventional presses. The perfect match of software features and intelligent workflow tools in X GAMUT enable printers to leverage the full gamut of the presses so that spot colors and images are brilliantly reproduced in all their detail. This not only considerably streamlines the production process but also helps to reduce costs enormously.

X GAMUT also includes the basic features of PRESS MATCHER.



With X GAMUT the color space is extended to enable the reproduction of an extremely wide range of special colors. Beyond the exact reproduction of brand colors, the software also provides optimization and verification of the end result. In other words, X GAMUT extracts the DNA of the spot and CMYK/RGB colors in the print job and translates them into the extended fixed color palette of the press.
The second area in which the strengths of X GAMUT come into their own is the reproduction of RGB data. Because the software makes it possible to optimally exploit the wide color space of the extended ink set, the result is brilliant print results, clearly different from conventional processes.
The key to the perfect result is the intelligent separation and conversion of the measured color data into the extended fixed set of process colors in the printing process. Special and brand colors can be replaced and reproduced exactly without special inks. Color conversion is optimized so that the smallest possible number of separations are always used. 
With X GAMUT, you can easily create multi-channel profiles that can also be used independently of your workflow.
Customized test charts can be created with the built-in test chart generator. They form the heart of the process by measuring the reference color space of the printing system for the color conversion process. Several measuring devices are supported.
X GAMUT can access commonly used spot color tables, such as Pantone or HKS. In addition, however, you can also create your own libraries and you can import and edit color data via CxF. There is also direct access to CXF CLOUD so that all colors can be communicated easily and quickly, worldwide.
Spot color reproduction without using special inks
Spot color correction and refinement
Increase the color saturation of RGB picture files
Generate custom multi-channel test charts
Separate, optimize, and convert files with spot colors into multi-channel data
Generation of multi-channel profiles
Link to Pantone color libraries, create and edit your own color libraries
Import CxF data
Support of CxF / X-4 data for correct output of spot colors
Connectivity to CXF CLOUD
Simple QC check with spot color report
Process control with CERTIFIED
Simple and reliable use through wizard-based operation (Setup Wizard) and fully automated processes



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