Installation of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Multifunction Device (MFD)/Plotter requires your company network point. Please make sure that the network point is ready and prepare a network cable upon the arrival of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Installation Engineer.

This guideline would guide you to prepare for the necessary information required based on the device settings you prefer. Please get ready this information before the installation date to facilitate the installation process.

If your IT representative can be present when our FUJIFILM Business Innovation Installation Engineer arrives, that would highly increase the efficiency of the installation process.

Installation of MFD/Plotter

Please prepare the following information of your company network for the installation of MFD/Plotter:

  • IP address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Gateway
  • DNS and WINS (if applicable)

Print function

Our engineer would assist to install print driver on 10 personal computers (PCs).

If the print drivers are being shared from the server, our engineer would assist your IT representative with the loading of these drivers.

For MFD, please decide on the desired print setting up front (e.g. default printing in colour, black and white, A4-sized, two-sided and etc) and communicate this to our Installation Engineer.

Scan function

FUJIFILM Business Innovation MFD can support the following scan settings:

  • Scan to network
  • Scan to shared folder
  • Scan to email

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Plotter can support the following scan settings:

  • Scan to network
  • Scan to shared folder (supported by DW3035 and DW6055 only)

Please decide on the preferred setting and prepare the information required.

Scan to Network/Shared Folder

If you would like to set the scan setting as scan to network/shared folder, please prepare the following information:

  • IP address/Hostname
  • Name of server/PC
  • Name of shared folder
  • Username and password of user(s) to be granted access to the shared folder

Scan to Email

If you would like to set the scan setting as scan to email, please prepare the following information:

  • Email address for the MFD
  • SMTP IP address/Hostname
  • SMTP authentication credential (if required)

    If you would like to setup LDAP, please prepare the following information: 

  • LDAP IP Address/Hostname
  • LDAP authentication credential (if required)
  • Search string lookup information


FUJIFILM Business Innovation MFD and Plotter (models DW6055 and DW3035 only) support Auditron feature.  Auditron is a built-in feature which provides the following capabilities:

  1. To manage users’ access to the various functions of the device
    • The Auditron can be configured so services such as copy and print; and features such as colour copy and print from mailbox can be restricted to only certain users.
  2. To restrict the usage of the various functions of the device
    • For example, Auditron can be set up so that user "Alice" can have free access to colour copies, user "Bob" has an account limit of 100 colour copies and user "Carol" cannot make any colour copies.
  3. To monitor the usage of the various functions of the device
    • User with Auditron Administration rights will be able to run reports that show the black and white and color copy/print of each user

If you would like to configure Auditron, please refer one of your staff as Auditron administrator. Before the arrival of our engineer, please prepare the following information:

  • Username (i.e. Alice, Bob)
  • User ID (i.e. 0001, 0088, 1234 and etc)
  • Password (optional)

EP-BB Service

Electronic Partnership Broadband (EP-BB) Service

EP-BB provides managed services that monitor, maintain and replenish the supplies of any printing infrastructure. This will provide you with convenience and hassle free use of our machines. Here are the 4 key services provided through our EP-BB service:

  • Automatic Meter Reading
  • Proactive Consumable Monitoring
  • Predictive Fault Monitoring (applicable models only)
  • Green Report Generating

Key Installation Requirements

EP-BB is currently supported by our multifunction device (MFD) only. To install EP-BB Service, please ensure that the MFD is able to access the EP-BB Server via the internet connection (you may check with your IT Representative).

Amendment and Cancellation

Please note that if we are unable to complete the installation due to site issue(s), there may be a charge of SGD$150 (exclusive of GST) for FUJIFILM Business Innovation Installation Engineer to make additional trip back to your premises to complete the installation.

Amendment/Cancellation of the Installation appointment made less than 3 working days would incur a fee of SGD$150. New request date is subject to availability.