PSE Cartridge W


In order to meet strict contamination control requirements for ultra-pure water, polysulfone membranes have been employed because they are excellent high-polymer separation membranes.
The lineup includes membrane pore sizes of 0.1 µm, 0.2 µm, 0.45 µm, 0.8 µm, and 1.2 µm.


The cartridge demonstrates excellent filtration performance with various types of cleaning water in the electronics industry, water in the food industry, and plating fluids and developers. It provides support for process cleaning efforts.

The AstroPore PSE Cartridge W employs, as its filtering material, polysulfone, which demonstrates excellent filtering characteristics as a high-polymer separation membrane.
Featuring high efficiency in retaining fine particles and microorganisms, this high-performance, high-quality filter is housed in a cartridge that is pre-washed with ultra-pure water.
The full lineup includes membrane pore sizes of 0.1 µm, 0.2 µm, 0.45 µm, 0.8 µm, and 1.2 µm, and its excellent porous membrane structure and filtering characteristics contribute greatly to precision filtering of various types of manufacturing water such as cleaning water in the electronics industry and preparation water.


High-performance micro-porous structure

The micro-porous structure of the polysulfone membrane is asymmetric as a whole and contains a dense layer formed in the inside. It has large pore sizes both at the inlet and outlet, which further improves the filtration characteristics.

Excellent separation and retention performance

The dense layer and a well-defined pore size distribution inside the membrane enable reliable retention and high-precision filtration of fine particles and microorganisms.

Low initial pressure loss and long service life

The high porosity rate of 80%, advantageous asymmetric membrane structure and large filtration area ensure low initial pressure loss and a long filtration service-life.

Quick specific resistivity recovery with minimal flushing 

The cartridge is made of carefully selected plastic materials for a high filter cleaning effect. The initial specific resistivity can be quickly recovered by flushing the filter slightly, thus quickly restoring the supply of ultra-pure water.

Increased variety

The cartridge is available in 5 pore sizes: 0.1 µm, 0.2 µm, 0.45 µm, 0.8 µm and 1.2 µm. Since it is available in 7 shapes (G, M, P, MP etc.), the shape can be selected according to the application.


The cartridge offers excellent removal performance of fine particles and microorganisms from various types of process water used to manufacture semiconductors in the electronics industry.

  • For pure water in various fields of manufacturing such as cleaning water for liquid crystals and semiconductor devices

  • For water in various fields of manufacturing in the liquid crystal and semiconductor related industries

  • For water in various fields of manufacturing that produce electronic tubes such as cathode ray tubes, and other related parts

  • For filtering water used in the food industry

  • For various types of ultra-pure water at research facilities and laboratories

  • For pure water in various fields of manufacturing industries