FP-20N 1


Housing for G-type cartridges (made of transparent plastic).


Housing for G type cartridges (made of transparent plastic)

  • Clogging can be checked quickly because a transparent plastic container is used.

  • Various types of cartridges can be used to purpose.

  • Easy to use structure, provided with an air vent.

  • Can be installed easily using the included metal fittings.

  • Applicable elements: G type cartridge (DOE: Double Open End, gasket type)

  • Cartridge length: Single


Main specifications and structure

Appearance photo / Outline drawing

Rough dimensions

As stated above

Bore diameter

Rc3/4 (20A)

Withstand pressure

0.49 MPa

Maximum working temperature


Main body material

Cap: ABS resin
Container: AS resin
Packing, O-ring: EPDM

Attached seal plate

ABS resin / POM resin (1 piece each)

Other accessories

One set of metal fittings

  • * For details on the methods of use, refer to the instruction manual included with the product.
  • * The housing may be built to order in terms of shape and size. For details, contact your sales agent.
  • * Specifications are subject to change for improvement purposes without prior notice.