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Deployments / Installations

Our installation teams have led successful large and small scale equipment deployments across multiple industries. We assign experienced project managers to your project to identify and plan the deployment’s critical details prior to launch. The project manager works with our dedicated installation technicians to ensure the successful roll-out of your Technology and Automation equipment.

Nationwide Deployments - Fujifilm has experience with nationwide deployments of technology and automation equipment. We managed simultaneous projects for multiple large nationwide retailers with a scope of over 4,000 locations and 6,800 pieces of equipment.  We have also managed a refresh project for another large retailer including to upgrade almost 20,000 pieces of equipment.

Project Management - Fujifilm has experienced project managers with knowledge of current project management using the latest management tools and strategies.  With real time project dashboards, you can get up to the minute details on project status.

Logistics Management - With multiple facilities nationwide, Fujifilm can manage and deliver your deployment project including asset tracking, pre-staging, job scheduling and managing to completion.

Operator Training - Operator training is essential to a successful implementation of new technology and Fujiiflm’s technical staff is capable of providing onsite and remote training via computer based and video based training modules.