United States

FP150SC Film Processor

NEW Discontinued

Processes up to 15 Rolls per Hour, Environmentally Friendly CN-16S Chemistry. New high-capacity film processor capable of processing both 24mm Advanced Photo System and 135 film, as well as 110



Floor standing, daylight operation laser printer, paper processor, cutter and sorter

Film Types

135, 110, (APS IX240 optional)

Printer Condition Setup

Semi-automatic calibration by built in calibrator

Processor Carriage

Single-roll, Film Cartridge

Processing Time

Dry to dry time of 11 minutes

Power Requirements

AC 100-240V (50/60 Hz), single phase 9A


21.02" W x 34.09" L x 47.24" H


Approximately 361 pounds operational weight


Approx. 7.59 sq. ft.

Processor Capacity

14 Rolls per Hour