Create the monoverse you want with the power of monochrome printing. Revoria Press™ E1-Series is designed to transform your business with industry-leading monochrome production with outstanding print speed and diverse print applications.

What's so revolutionary about the Revoria Press™ E1-Series?

Hear from our R&D team as they reveal the innovative technologies behind Revoria Press™ E1-Series.

A Wonder in Monochromatic Print Production

Experience business breakthroughs and enhanced productivity while producing impeccable quality printouts with the Revoria Press™ E1-Series. Expand your applications and capabilities exponentially to enjoy limitless business opportunities.

Revolutionary print, the way you want it

With 7 models and various modular configurations, experience unbeatable business flexibility. Tap on our single- or multi-function printers and a complete range of feeding and finishing options to harness unlimited growth potential.

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Don't let the small footprint of this production printer fool you! The standard printer configuration is feature-rich and packs a punch with its Multi-sheet Inserter which allows for ultra-short runs without the hassle of loading paper into main trays.

Standard Printer
  1. Multi Sheet Inserter
  2. Revoria Press™ E1-Series Engine
  1. Offset Catch Tray

Complex finishing jobs are completed at optimised print speeds of up to 136ppm! Let this feature-rich printer do the heavy lifting when it comes to intricate and complex print jobs with advanced finishing such as sorting, stacking, stapling, and hole punching. Plus, with the added Inserter D1, additional sheets or book covers can be automatically added with ease - without the need for stopping your print process!

Standard Pro Printer
  1. Multi Sheet Inserter
  2. Revoria Press™ E1-Series Engine
  1. Inserter D1
  2. Finisher D6

Take your stability and productivity to the next level! With print speeds of up to 136ppm and features like the New Air Suction Feeder C1-DS, which has a maximum capacity of 4,450 SRA3+ sheets, reduce incidences of double feeding.

Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker not only allows sorting, stacking, stapling, and hole punching, it creates professional-looking square fold booklets.

Advanced Finishing Printer
  1. Air Suction Feeder C1-DS
  2. Revoria Press™ E1-Series Engine
  1. Interface Decurler Module D1
  2. Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker

Maximise your business potential when you pair our cutting-edge print engine with limitless print applications. The full suite of advanced finishing modules enables you to sort, stack, staple, hole punch, and even insert extra sheets or book covers with ease without sacrificing quality! The High Capacity Stacker and Stacker Cart further optimises your efficiency by enabling you to move printed material for post finishing with ease!

Full Configuration Printer
  1. Air Suction Feeder C1-DS
  2. Revoria Press™ E1-Series Engine
  3. Interface Decurler Module D1
  1. Inserter D1
  2. High Capacity Stacker A1
  3. Crease/Two-sided Trimmer D2
  1. Folder Unit CD2
  2. Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker
  3. Square Back Fold Trimmer D1

Next-Level Innovation in Mono Printing

Mono-colour can be beautiful with exceptional high quality output with our EA-Eco LGK* toner with small and precise particles of 6.5microns. It enables you to experience reproduction of photographic gradation in a smooth and beautiful way, density uniformity in figures, and produce small text with clarity.

*LGK: Low Gloss Kuro


Explore new markets with high-value digital printing applications and uncover huge business potential such as reports, manuals, book printing, barcode tags, and labels and stickers.

Standard Application

The growth in demand for RFID tags and labels due to its ease of use has revolutionalised the monochrome print industry. Enjoy the benefits in this area of rapid growth by delivering RFID applications used in retail, smart cards, and tickets.

RFID Applications

From credit cards and bank statements to direct mail and fine detail print such as comic books and architecture designs, we've made sure you'll enjoy professional-grade print at breakthrough speeds. See monochrome printing in a whole new light with various screening for optimum output quality. You can produce comic books, microtext to architectural designs with exceptional fine-line printouts at breakthrough speeds.

Superb Image Quality

Workflow that just… flows

Let your productivity soar with integrated workflows. The integration between Revoria Press™ E1-Series and together with our unique workflow software will streamline your pre-press, press and post-press processes. A hassle-free way to optimize business efficiency.


This enhances your paper handling capabilities by reducing the risk of double feeding. Experience greater versatility when handling large production runs of a wide range of media types and sizes.


The Revoria Press™ E1-Series revamped engine architecture empowers you to deliver cutting-edge SRA3 print output at head-spinning speeds of up to 68ppm.

Blazing-Fast Printing

Printing is not just about your hardware, it should automate your print operations - from daily office usage like copy, print, and scan, to high volume print room tasks - to drive new operation efficiencies.

Workflow Automation


Learn more about the Revoria Press™ E1-Series, and gain market insights and developments to benefit your business.

Revoria Press™ E1-Series Infographic

Searching for ways to increase business probability? Hold the power of the monoverse and scale your business to new heights with Revoria Press™ E1-Series outstanding capabilities.

In this infographic, find out how the features of Revoria Press™ E1-Series can solve common print challenges and increase your business profitability in a seamless and efficient manner.


Revoria Press™ E1-Series Playbook

In the digital age that is moving into the new normal, businesses everywhere have had to review their strategies for survival and profitability. The need to reinvent and innovate has become priority for business leaders seeking to provide value for their customers, all while continuing to operate efficiently and cost-effectively.

This playbook serves to provide insights on the importance of print productivity within businesses, as well as highlight key print productivity trends businesses are adopting to stay ahead of the competition. We’ve put together a treasure trove of data to elevate your business: understand how to improve print productivity for bottom line and long-term success.


Discover how Revoria Press™ E1-Series can help you unlock a monoverse of limitless opportunities.

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