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Worry free I.T. Anywhere, every day, without fail

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Organisations have become dependent on the power of technology, and very few can operate without smooth running IT. But it comes at a cost. Keeping pace with technology is often complex and expensive, while failing to keep up limits your opportunities to grow and compete.

Now you can let us worry about the details and complexity of keeping up. We’ll make your life simpler, easier and stress free.

With OptimiseIT, our powerful, cloud-based managed services, you can think about IT the way you think about electricity. Reliable, ubiquitous, cost-effective - and covered by a single monthly fee.


Make the world your office - work wherever and whenever you need to.

Our cloud-based services deliver your data and applications to you anywhere you have an internet connection - your office could be a local café today, an airport tomorrow, or a taxi in Hong Kong the day after.

Access your applications on almost any modern PC, tablet, or iPad - whether you’re in your office, travelling or at home.
Enterprise grade IT services available whenever and wherever you need it.

There’s a significant risk to your business when your infrastructure sits locally, because onsite servers amount to a single point of failure. Onsite equipment is also hugely complex, expensive to buy, implement, support and upgrade – and it’s not responsive enough in a changing world.

With our cloud-based OptimiseIT services, your business is connected to an enterprise-grade, secure and redundant hosted environment –put simply, it’s available via the internet whenever, and wherever you need it.

OptimiseIT substantially reduces your IT risk and associated costs. Back-ups, patching, maintenance, upgrades, Firewall, Antivirus, Web-filtering and support are delivered pro-actively and remotely. So you can focus on your business, not managing your IT environment.
With OptimiseIT, FUJIFILM Business Innovation can deliver all aspects of your IT requirements under a single agreement.

You have true peace of mind with our ITIL-based Service Level Agreement.

Your OptimiseIT environment is supported using best-practice processes and procedures to deliver a highly available, cloud-based IT environment to support your business.

• Local hosting services
• Microsoft Office 365 – licensing, tenancy management and support
• End user hardware provision and financing
• Network services (LAN/WAN)
• Internet/Data services (ADSL, VDSL, UFB, Dedicated Fibre)
• Voice
• Printing and scanning
• Remote and on-premise support
FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s cloud based IT Services are delivered using our unique OptimiseIT Services financial model.

OptimiseIT is affordable. There’s no upfront capital required, and you don’t pay anything until the service has gone live. And unlimited support is included.

It’s scalable. We charge on a per-user-per-month rate (based on actual users in arrears). So if there are changes in your staff numbers, these are reflected in your IT costs.

We are flexible. We know things change, and often quickly. Our OptmiseIT services easily accommodate new technologies and business requirements, and your agreement can be updated at any time.

It’s transparent. Our OptimiseIT Services Model provides full visibility of your IT environment costs.