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You’ve got incoming mail, and lots of it. Get it from envelope to business process quickly, accurately and smoothly.

The mail room is often the last area companies consider when seeking to improve their efficiency and find cost savings. However, automating the handling of your physical mail can provide noticeable improvements in productivity.

We don’t just rely on our years of experience alone to receive, sort, open, prepare, scan, index and repatriate your company’s physical mail items. We work in conjunction with your experts to understand and incorporate your unique business requirements to ensure our system melds with your systems and processes. And to make it even easier, mail can be collected directly from your mailbox or offices, or redirected to a FUJIFILM Business Innovation PO Box.


Faster mail handling and processing
Improved customer and vendor relationships
Reduced costs
More productive use of staff time
Automate your Inbox. Business emails are cleared intelligently from designated Inboxes, then processed, sorted, scanned and released into your electronic queues.

Remove the need for your staff to monitor queues and mailboxes. Instead, they simply forward business emails to specially set-up email addresses at FUJIFILM Business Innovation. Set up dedicated email addresses for invoices, HR documents, claims, enrolments, applications and more. Our technology automatically feeds messages and attachments into our scanning and indexing processes, before releasing them into your electronic queues for handling by your knowledge workers.


Simplified and streamlined mail distribution
Improved productivity
Automated efficiency
Improved response times