Our commitment to sustainability and service.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation New Zealand is the New Zealand market leader in sustainable business practices in its sector.

Our commitment to  sustainability  and service.

Our commitment

At FUJIFILM Business Innovation, we’re committed to upholding our responsibilities to our community, our customers, our supply chain, our staff, stakeholders - and our world. Everything we do comes from our fundamental belief in running our business in a sustainable and principled manner.

Our Business:
We have made extensive changes to ensure that today, the company is run in a principled way that adheres to the highest levels of corporate governance and ethical behaviour. We’re determined to make the world a better place, and we stand alongside some of New Zealand’s most successful and inspirational organisations in declaring our commitment to being part of a low-carbon economy.

Our Customers: 
Customer satisfaction is rated our top internal priority. FUJIFILM Business Innovation is the only company of its kind with the internationally recognised Service Capability and Performance Certification, which allows our customer support operation to be benchmarked against worldwide best practice.

Our Footprint: 

Globally FUJIFILM Business Innovation has a commitment to reduce the environmental impacts of our business and we report on the progress. We consider product stewardship to be the first step to a circular economy. We are proud to commit to innovative projects and partnerships that support the respective sustainability journeys of our customers and New Zealand.  

Our People:
The long-term success of FUJIFILM Business Innovation will be defined by our people. Our people are our most important asset and we have worked hard to ensure that we have a clear people strategy that inspires and motivates. FUJIFILM Business Innovation New Zealand, and the people who are proud to work here, are invested in minimising our impact on the environment. 

Our Community: 

The commitment to supporting the communities within which we operate remains a core pillar of how we do things. We don’t just make funding available; as a company we take an active part in initiating change. Check out our Sponsorship portfolio here.

Our Sustainability Strategy:
We take our commitment to sustainability very seriously. FUJIFILM Business Innovation has a balanced, long-term approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress, supported by sound corporate governance. 

Our Sustainability Strategy focuses on these four key areas:

  • Innovation in product stewardship and the circular economy
  • Climate change and transitioning to net zero carbon
  • Responsible procurement and sustainable supply chain operation
  • Leadership in sustainable best practices