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Supercharge Your Communications with Data Driven Print

Use variable data print (VDP) to leverage your documents with relevant messages, images and graphics to grab your target's attention. With XMPie uDirect solutions, automate the production of Personalised print campaigns that will motivate your audiences to respond. Process large volumes of dynamic print, using patented composition techniques, optimized for speed and output to industry standard formats such as PDF, PDF/VT, VIPP, Optimized PostScript, VPS and PPML. XMPie's open architecture lets you start anywhere, add capabilities, and protect your investment all along the way.

XMPie uDirect


Creatively blend design, data and logic using an intuitive drag and drop interface within the InDesign environment.
A simple, menu-driven approach helps both novice and expert data professionals connect data and business logic with easy-to-use objects for variable design.
Replace static graphics and text objects with dynamic images and charts.
XMPie output is neutral to the print engine and supports a wide variety of variable data output formats such as PPML, PDF, PDF/VT and more.


  • Create effective personalised print campaigns to capture recipients’ attention with more relevant information and messages.
  • Make an impact with stunning variable data-driven photo-realistic images or graphics.
  • Reduce wastage by communicating with audiences using relevant, individualised messages.
  • Plug-in to Adobe InDesign, users do not have to start from scratch and learn a new software.
  • Build creative templates using dynamic images or text - no programming knowledge is required.
  • Supports a wide variety of efficient output formats that fits into your workflow.

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