Boosting Productivity and Document Security at Pacific Logistics Group

Pacific Logistics Group
Boosting Productivity and Document Security at Pacific Logistics Group

Case Study Snapshot

• To increase productivity and document security
• Complex printing environment due to the use of varied printer models
• Frequent breakdowns
• Limited print security
• Increasing burden on IT department
• To digitalise, transform and integrate its print infrastructure
• PaperCut MF
• ApeosPort-VII C5573
• ApeosPort-V C3376
• DocuWorks 9
• Achieved new levels of operational efficiency and productivity
• Visibility over print data and usage
• Cost savings of up to 30%
• Superior technical support
• Minimal downtime

About Pacific Logistics Group

Founded in 2000 by Kelvin Lim, Pacific Logistics Group grew from humble origins to operate in 16 locations across 11 countries. Today, the fast-growing integrated logistics solutions provider has grown in size to more than 180 employees connecting Asia and the world in logistics, freight forwarding, warehousing, value-added services and e-commerce. Looking ahead, the business aims to diversify into new markets, such as tapping into the Euro-Asia rail. 


Pacific Logistics Group is deemed the fastest growing multi-modal logistics solutions provider.


- Chan Ming Bing, Procurement Manager, Pacific Logistics Group


Complex Printing Environment, Unsustainable Practices

In Singapore, Pacific Logistics Group operates in four locations including its global headquarters and three warehouses. Due to the nature of their work, Pacific Logistics Group's employees print several types of manifest documents daily, such as Master Bills, House Airway Bills, Invoices, Packing Slips, and Delivery and Purchase Orders. Across its offices, Pacific Logistics Group was using a mixture of different Multifunction-Devices (MFD) from numerous brands that were constantly breaking down. Employee workflow was further disrupted by poor technical support from the various MFD suppliers. Servicing appointments were often missed and response times were generally slow. 

Due to these technical challenges, the business’ three-person IT team soon became inundated with calls from frustrated end users. On top of unreliable hardware, Pacific Logistics Group’s printing environment had no secure printing features in place. This meant that confidential documents were at risk of being printed out for anyone to see. In all four offices, employees needed to run to their respective MFDs to collect confidential prints upon their release. Overall, Pacific Logistics Group’s high paper-reliant workflows have affected productivity, sustainability and employee morale.


The responsibility of coping with inefficient equipment fell on our staff, who had to spend much of their time rectifying printing problems. To improve productivity, we knew that we needed to transform into a smarter workplace.


- Chan Ming Bing, Procurement Manager, Pacific Logistics Group


Increasing Workflow Productivity And Document Security

Pacific Logistics Group sought to increase productivity and sustainability by introducing a more streamlined and secure printing environment. Instead of liaising with several service providers, Pacific Logistics Group was keen on a one-stop print solution. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore was deemed an ideal partner as its Digital Transformation roadmap expressly identified their pain points and laid out a smooth transition into a digitalised workflow.

The ApeosPort-V and ApeosPort-VII series were introduced to offer Pacific Logistics Group the advantages of digital printing, a transformed user experience and a self-running environment. Both printer series are well-integrated to support swift and intensive quality printing, allowing Pacific Logistics Group to further enhance business operability and scalability. To offer greater user-centricity and a flexible working environment, print jobs can be released via the AirPrint or Print Utility applications on the mobile phone, allowing employees to scan, save or print on-the-go.


FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore has powered Pacific Logistics Group’s growth with smart workplace technologies. We are consuming fewer resources, and have benefitted from the agile workflows and greater visibility over our print environment. More importantly, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore has transformed the way we work; teams at Pacific Logistics Group are now more collaborative and versatile.


- Chan Ming Bing, Procurement Manager, Pacific Logistics Group


Departments with low print usage were recommended the ApeosPort-V C3376, which supports high-speed, on-demand printing and scanning. It handles a wide range of paper of up to 300 gsm, providing Pacific Logistics Group the opportunity to create a broader range of business documents and reports, as well as marketing materials. The series is also noted for its high environmental performance which delivers cutting-edge reductions in energy consumption. For instance, its Smart Energy Management technology activates only the functions required by a user, while its environmentally-friendly re-embodiment is constructed out of reusable components. 

Teams with higher print usage, on the other hand, were recommended the ApeosPort-VII C5573 printer, a MFD designed with the latest security features to safeguard confidential customer information. Featuring 360-degree data encryption, a single ApeosPort-VII MFD can be shared by two or more departments while still keeping mission-critical documents secure. The ApeosPort-VII C5573 is also set to eliminate print bottlenecks. If a default MFD is being used, print jobs will be automatically redirected to the next device available.

Further creating seamless print workflows across Pacific Logistics Group’s offices is PaperCut MF, a solution enabling print tracking and reporting. With Secure Print Release, PaperCut MF ensures that each print job is authenticated when an employee scans his or her staff pass at an MFD. This prevents data confidentiality breaches and access by non-authorised employees. In addition, PaperCut can help Pacific Logistics Group track the print volume and usage of individual users and departments via its print management solution.  


Up To 30% Cost Savings And Superior Technical Support

The integration of these intelligent solutions has enabled Pacific Logistics Group to digitalise its workflows for a smarter workplace while gaining better control over print costs. Since implementation, Pacific Logistics Group has reduced paper wastages and recorded cost savings of up to 30 per cent. Print reports that are easily accessible on PaperCut MF’s web-based platform has also provided Pacific Logistics Group with detailed actionable information on how more print savings could be realised.

With more employees increasingly requiring mobile printing capabilities, the ApeosPort series has been a game-changer in raising work efficiencies at Pacific Logistics Group. The devices’ on-demand printing capabilities have streamlined print workflows and raised staff productivity, leaving employees more focused on their core work instead of having to handle printer breakdowns and problems. Print authentication has also bolstered productivity by enabling Pacific Logistics Group's employees to securely collect their print jobs from any MFD of their choosing. Through print authentication, employees are empowered with higher document security, giving them the confidence in safeguarding and protecting sensitive data.

Engaging with Pacific Logistics Group on a partnership level, FUJIFILM Business Innovation continues to provide superior sales and technical support services, fast turnaround and reliable support engineers. Whenever complex technical problems arise, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore’s technical support team has been able to ensure minimal operational disruption with fast and quick resolutions. This relieves the downstream impact on Pacific Logistics Group’s IT department.

Pacific Logistics Group Case Study

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