4 Device Management Tips for SMBs

The pandemic has contributed to an uncertain environment for many small businesses. If your business is experiencing lower cash flow and struggling to maintain overheads, know that you can tide through these turbulent times with new technology and processes such as device management systems and workflow automation.

So what is device management? It’s the effective implementation, operation and maintenance of devices within your organisation, from printers to smartphones. It’s about maximising the value these devices bring to the business, whether that’s functionality, reliability, availability or security.

SMBs of around 750 employees are shown to spend up to 3,700 hours of IT support time on their printer fleet. With device management, you can significantly boost efficiency within your organisation

You don’t have to do it all on your own, either – automated device management functionality that may already be available on your systems can help you get the most out of your hardware. 

But first, it’s important to know how to implement these new technologies successfully. Here are 4 ways to start on the right foot, along with solutions to help power your everyday innovation in the hybrid workplace:


1. Map your device environment

To manage your devices more effectively, you need to understand what devices are being used within your organisation and the most commonly occurring issues. For instance, does a printer jam often? Which departments use the most paper? Are some departments making unnecessary prints? You can use a tracking and reporting tool to get a clear picture of exactly where printing problems are occurring. 

Moving forward, reports also show you how any changes you make affect the total number of printouts, so you can quantify how much money you’re saving. 

Implementing a device management solution gives SMBs flexible control over printer usage. Real-time information provides an accurate picture of your organisation’s print environment, so you can allocate resources in a more effective way.


2. Identify potential faults before they occur

When printing critical documents for time sensitive projects, malfunctions or maintenance issues could spell disaster. You need predictive maintenance to identify potential faults or failures, so you can predict and address them before they even occur. 

EP-BB enabling Smart Remote Services, for example, proactively alerts FUJIFILM Business Innovation to possible performance issues, toner levels and important machine data. This ensures your FUJIFILM Business Innovation devices function at optimum performance levels and remain healthy, so they’re always available when you need them. 

And, because FUJIFILM Business Innovation automatically notifies you ahead of time about any necessary maintenance, you’ll lessen the burden on your IT help desk and help your devices last longer.


3. Manage your costs

Once you know where printer waste is taking place, you can stop it from happening. Set specific rules for your devices based on total output, number of pages per user, permitted formats, time periods, and more. This prevents users from costing you money by breaching your business’ printing policies and best practices. 

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s cost management solution allows SMBs to limit wastage without hindering users’ ability to carry out their usual tasks. This ultimately makes your business more agile and profitable.


4. Control access to printers and devices

Modern device management solutions – like those offered by FUJIFILM Business Innovation – also provide the ability to easily change access privileges for different devices, to keep workflows flexible. This means if there’s high demand on a particular printer, you can quickly give staff access to a free one. By taking these steps, you can better manage and reduce your device-related costs. 

Any solution or process change that delivers real savings is a friend to SMBs. In trying times, it can mean the difference between staying afloat and thriving.

Contact us to learn more about how FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s multifunction printers and workplace solutions can serve as your gateway to digital transformation - making your business speedier, and information accessible.


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