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Pressroom Supplies - Chemicals

Pressroom Supplies - Chemicals


Fujifilm's network of  industry leading solvent suppliers gives us access to the best pressroom technologies available. We don't guess, we know.   

With our wide range of expertise, we have developed products that meet the needs of various press applications and we understand the benefits of faster start-ups and less waste. With these Fujifilm Superia products, you can be assured of optimal performance in your pressroom. Let our Pressroom Specialists help find ways to enhance your pressroom performance. 

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  • Stable Ink Water Balance
  • Quicker Restarts
  • Reduced Waste
  • Improved Dot Structure
  • Decreased Downtime

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Superia Products

Versatile fountain solution product with calcium control additive for use with conventional and UV inks.

Premium fountain solution product with a special blend of pure Gum Arabic and ink drying additives.

Newspaper single step coldset fountain solution with good re-starts and ink compatibility.

Fountain solution with extra gum content for enhanced plate protection.

Specialty fountain solution product for calcium control and anti-blinding.

Versatile fountain solution product with calcium control additive.

Zero VOC and non-HAPs fountain solution for use with conventional and UV inks.

Alcohol replacement product for Heidelberg dampening systems.

Alcohol replacement product compatible with UV and conventional inks.


These legacy brands have a proven track record and bring comfort and familiarity to the pressroom. If you have used one of these brands, know know what we mean. Here are some of the most popular legacy Anchor & Pressmax branded products.

Tower Products

Tower Products has delivered ingenuity to the pressroom for decades. With products like Millenuim 6000, picture framing is a thing of the past. Come check out some of our other high technology fountain solutions and alcohol replacements.


Nova Pressroom

From mild acid fountain solutions for cold-set web, to highly versital one-step and two step fountain solution for today's advanced printing equipment, Nova Pressroom Pressroom Products has a product for every application.