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Pressroom Supplies - Chemicals

Pressroom Supplies - Chemicals


Fujifilm's network of  industry leading solvent suppliers gives us access to the best pressroom technologies available. We don't guess, we know.   

Specialty Chemicals

They are not used every day but your pressroom needs them – those specialty cleaners, pastes and gums that keep the pressroom running. Used during press maintenance, in the middle of that critical job when a customer is watching and during clean up when you have that chance to keep your press running trouble free for the upcoming job or week.


Specialty pressroom chemicals have their place in a pressroom, and sometimes these can make all the difference in the world when trying to get that critical job completed and off press.  From on-the-fly plate cleaners and scratch removers, to calcium fighters and roller pastes , we have the right combination of products within our portfolio of specialty products.  We can assess, act, and apply what we already know to keeps pressrooms tuned for more production.

  • Plate Cleaners
  • Scratch Removers
  • Roller Lubes
  • Calcium Fighters