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Discover how Mr Apeos thinks outside the box and breaks free from the 'common sense' of the traditional workplace

Discover a new way of working with Mr Apeos
Mr Apeos used to think working in the jungle was nonsense. But with electronic document handling and print management solutions, and a firm grasp on information rights management, he finds he can rewrite the rules of workplace productivity - even in the jungle.

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Mr Apeos works in Antarctica while effectively retrieving and sharing documents from all across the world. Find out how data integration in the workplace, electronic signature and document management expands collaboration.

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Mr Apeos can work in the desert without a hitch thanks to intelligent information management, automated processes and outsourced IT services. When he leaves it to the professionals, he can increase his own efficiency at work!

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Break free from the 'common sense' of the traditional workplace with smart office solutions

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Find out how your organisation can embark on Digital Transformation first steps with Fujifilm Business Innovation below!

Apeos C325 z Apeos C7070 Apeos C8180 ApeosPro C810
Apeos C325 z  Apeos C7070 Apeos C8180 ApeosPro C810

40% smaller and lighter
Printing Speed (A4): 31 ppm

New Times, New Apeos
Printing Speed (A4): 70 ppm

Superior image quality with high durability
Printing Speed (A4): 81 ppm

High performance multifunction printer with dual role
Printing Speed (A4): 81 ppm

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Fujifilm Business Innovation's business solutions build holistic digital workplaces that improve customer experience and operations.

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