Accessibility Statement

This website, under the domain of, except My Account* (, adopts web accessibility design and conforms to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA standard. 

Users can rescale the font size of this website up to 120% with the font size control tool “AAA” on the top of the webpage and may further rescale the font size to 200% with the help of their browser’s rescaling tool. In addition, alternative text description is provided for all images displayed in the website. It can be read out by screen reader which enables visually impaired users to understand the image content. Meanwhile, users who may be less adapt to using mouse, such as the visually impaired or those with neuromuscular impairments, may need to use the keyboard without a mouse to browse a website. The website was designed in a way that users can use the keyboard exclusively to access all features and contents. For example, when users use the “Tab” key, the cursor will move to all of the menus, hyperlinks or input boxes one by one in a logical order.

Should you have any enquiries or comments on its accessibility, please contact our Customer Support Center.
Phone:  +852 2513 2513 (Hong Kong)
+853 2855 8008 (Macau)

* My Account ( is for our current customers to login and view their account details. This is not a platform fully opened to the public.


Web Accessibility