Managed IT Support Services

Managed IT Support Services offers all the key IT functions needed for the smooth operation of your business.

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The smooth and interruption-free operation of computer systems is vital for the sustained success of every business. Our Managed IT Support Services offers you fully outsourced assistance with the widest possible range of essential IT functions plus all the skills you need to swiftly resolve system issues. Leveraging state-of-the-art remote monitoring and management tools, we are even able to provide proactive maintenance that will further reduce problem-related downtime.


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  • Desktop computer, server and network maintenance support
  • Unlimited phone, remote and onsite support services to meet your every need
  • Professional system health checking
  • Professional ticket tracking system
  • Inventory management

Service Operation Centre (SOC)

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong offers SOC services to monitor the quality of the overall MITSS, and our service delivery as interface between technical and MITSS customers.

It monitors MITSS service quality and resolves issues. SOC technicians will take the necessary actions such as onsite or providing remote support after receiving service requests from the customer service portal or email notification from pro-active system monitoring alerts.

Pro-active Monitoring Service

Critical IT equipment is being monitored to minimise downtime with pro-active alerts. A service ticket will be issued to our SOC before the system reaches a critical condition.

Monitoring Availability

  • Physical and virtual host performance monitoring – CPU, memory and network Status Monitoring Performance/ Usage
  • Network access & storage - storage capacity, I/O performance status, traffic performance and bandwidth latency status

Syslog Analyse and Monitoring

  • Analyse trends for better planning
  • Auto Alert / Reporting
  • System threshold setup and break down alert – email alert setup to assigned administrator

Consultation Management Meeting

  • Review the discussion from the last meeting
  • Executive summary
  • Service log summary
  • SLA summary
  • Analysis summary & continuous improvement
  • A.O.B & next meeting suggestion

Customer Service Portal

  • Service Requests
  • Monthly Call Log Report
  • Response Measurement
  • Review status and history of service request and incident type


Cost Benefits

  • Most comprehensive, cost-effective solution for companies that lack resources and expertise for adequate IT operations, given a rapidly changing technology environment
  • Enjoy clear upfront costs, consolidated in a single flat monthly fee
  • Flexible and scalable IT service levels, customised to your business’ size and complexity
  • Minimise operational costs

Business Benefits

  • Reduce risk burden
  • Delegate your day-to-day maintenance activities, allowing you to focus on core business activities with greater returns
  • Hassle-free, with a single point of contact, for efficient service
  • Minimise downtime, thanks to guaranteed response time and proactive monitoring

Strategic Benefits

  • Scale up and down base on business need
  • Strategic planning on IT area

Use Case

Tailor-making Managed IT Support Services and IT inventory management for this big player in the Hong Kong construction industry that has over 60 construction site offices in scattered areas.


  • Inability to support multiple construction sites that required deskside support according to a specific operation schedule
  • Slow hardware replacement for remote construction sites
  • Lack of inventory management and difficulty in tracking records at construction site opening and closure


Flexible plans and services

Customized services offering prompt and full service coverage and quick return on investment

Comprehensive and all-round services

Managed IT Support Service provided throughout construction sites’ working hours, with improved response time for IT deskside support

Budget planning improvement

Optimal planning of hardware rental based on actual needs of the project, with image cloning for all delivered PCs


IT inventory management enhancement

Reliable IT inventory management for each construction site at opening and closure

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