Automated Data Capture and Extraction

Redefining the Management Processes of Paper Digitalization


Easy Application, New Efficient Working Method
FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Automated Document Capturing Solution helps companies change from the traditional paper document management model and transform digitally into electronic document management. Through high-quality scanning software, all paper documents are converted into searchable digital files. Using precise optical character recognition, the specified data in the document is automatically retrieved. Data processing and other subsequent steps, such as the establishment of search indexes, document export and management, improve work efficiencies and save cost. 

Digitalization Challenges
Every company must manage its documents well. Most companies intend to digitize their work processes so that hundreds or even thousands of electronic files can be processed simultaneously in a short period of time. However, there are certain obstacles that many companies experience early on when they begin the digital process.


Security Risks

Information leakage is a serious threat to any organization. Companies need to know that their digital platform has proper safeguards. The fear of system malfunctions and loss of back-up data is also a major concern to data security and privacy.

Opportunity Costs

Manual indexing and retrieving data from documents consumes a lot of manpower. It is very costly to invest in a new digital workflow system and solution for SMB.

Learning Curve

Highly advanced programs are usually too complicated for the regular office worker, and having difficulty installing, configuring, and using the platform can hinder multiple users from maximizing the software. In addition, the lack of multi-language support can alienate others from using the program comfortably. 


Adopting a centralized database storage management model with intelligent processes and integrated workflows makes every key point of the document digitization simple and efficient. 

Document Digitization Process:

■ Scan / Import File

  - Import documents into the system via various hardware and software, including multifunction printers, scanners and business application software etc.
  - Supports all TWAIN/ISIS scanners

■ Quality Control

  - Provide a wide range of options such as spot removal, skew, image cropping, punching and borders etc.
  - Equipped with editing tools and shortcut key functions to make scanning and quality control process faster and more accurate 

■ Zone Recognition

  - Multi-page zone recognition
  - Barcode: 1D and 2D
  - Data matrix and QR code
  - OCR-input text recognition
  - MICR-Banking Font
  - OMR-check box and circle information
  - Intelligent OCR recognition

■ Index

  - Fast OCR recognition
  - Support SQL, CSV, Excel and TXT for database query and comparison

■ Export

  - Name file and create folder automatically according to document content
  - Export TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, GIF, BMP and other high compression files
  - Export CSV & XML files for other systems

Unlimited Scanning and All-Inclusive Licensing
No per-page costs, including the use of OCR functions. All of the modules can be used for every users to set up and access Dokmee® Capture.

User Friendly Interface and Multi Language Support
Designed with simple user interface, which supports English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Bahasa etc. The solution also supports over dozens of languages for OCR function.

Ensure Quality and Accuracy
Using the latest scanning software with TWAIN and ISIS drivers, Dokmee® Capture offers more image enhancement options such as editing tools and time-saving shortcuts—such as intuitive hot keys—to speed up processing time without compromising image quality. 

Divide Scanning Tasks and Manage Workload
Create a more efficient workflow by dividing the whole scanning process into independent functions. Scanning, quality control, indexing and exporting can be undertaken individually and simultaneously to maximize efficiency, and minimize paper and resource costs.

Establish Automated Data Capture

Easily set up recognition templates for information as typed, text, bar codes, handwriting, and check boxes to instantly extract information, which you can later search and retrieve digitally. You can also select which data should be automatically sent to your document management system for seamless file organization.

State of the Art Reporting and Tracking Tool
Track the productivity and efficiency of users and processes. The built-in reporting tool allows administrators to track and audit productivity and profitability automatically. Reports are available in Word, Excel, PDF, and SAP Crystal Reports formats.