When you are no longer weighed down by high maintenance costs and time-consuming IT administration, you can focus on meeting your productivity targets and expanding your business.


A large population of devices can be difficult to manage. Giving unlimited access to all devices at all times multiplies errors, creates bottlenecks and restricts productivity. Plus, maintaining so many devices is labor-intensive and costly.

Little inefficiencies can quickly add up and waste a large proportion of your employees’ valuable time. Printing is delayed by devices running out of ink, getting a paper jam or printing a queue of jobs. Staff have to wait for the device to be fixed before getting on with their work. Gartner indicates that in the average organization, up to 40 per cent of help desk calls are printing-related. In fact, it has been shown that an organization of 750 employees spends 3,700 hours of IT support time on its print fleet according to Photizo Group.  

You need a solution that is not only easy-to-use, but effectively monitors all your devices from a central point, and notifies you of problems in advance, reducing the demand on IT help desks. You need a way to control access to printers and devices, so they can be used more efficiently without compromising on flexibility.


Our solution does the admin for you, automating workflow systems so your organization is no longer slowed down by complicated work processes. Staff are no longer tied down by irrelevant admin tasks. This way, you can expand your capacity as a business and maximize your profits.
With a centralized system designed to manage a wide range of devices, you can see everything you need to know at a glance. One-click reports can be customized based on device information such as device users, number of pages printed, paper sizes and time. This real-time information gives you an accurate picture of your organization’s print environment, so you can allocate resources in a more effective way.
Our Device Management Solution monitors your devices and sends notifications by email so that problems such as a lack of paper or paper jams can be handled in a timely manner. Resetting devices is easy even in the case of a malfunction. This helps your devices last longer, as you will be notified of any maintenance needed before it’s too late. 
One all-encompassing management system helps you save on admin and IT costs. Set-up is easy that it can be done without IT personnel, and all interfaces are user-friendly and self-explanatory. This frees up your staff to devote their efforts to more important tasks.


What you will get

  • A centralized web-based management system, allowing you to conveniently monitor all devices from one place and reduce the demand on IT help desks. Device groups can be created, so you can specify settings for multiple devices.
  • A personalized user interface displaying only what you want to know. Buttons on the devices’ control panels can be registered simultaneously from the server to drastically reduce installation time.
  • Real-time information about device status and customizable usage reports, so you can make timely decisions. 
  • Consistent operating displays on screens of all devices, eliminating uncertainty and alleviating the burden on IT administration. 
  • Options to customize your workflow deployment.

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