About Sustainability

In line with Fujifilm Group’s Sustainable Value Plan 2030, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong will fully leverage our strong business model to create value for our customers and other stakeholders along the FUJIFILM Business Innovation value chain. Apart from the material procurement, research & development (R&D) and manufacturing processes managed by FUJIFILM Business Innovation and other affiliates, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong also optimizes several local stages in the value chain, including “sales”, “use by customers” and “reduce, reuse, recycle, disposal”.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong endeavors to create values through our business activities by providing innovative document products, solutions and services that address specified issues and to support value creation by our customers and stakeholders.

360° Sustainable Value Chain

FUJIFILM Business Innovation has a longstanding commitment to environmentally responsible product design, industry-leading print management services and solutions and an end-of-life resource recovery program that is second to none. Having committed decades of research, innovation and resources in this area, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has led the industry by embracing a holistic life cycle view across every aspect of how we manage our environmental performance. While our customers are focused on reducing energy, print and electronic waste inside their organizations, we have found that stage in the product life cycle is only part of the story.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is unique in addressing sustainability at every step in the value chain. From parts procurement through an extensive supply chain, to our manufacturing operations, to customer use and disposal of our products at end of life - FUJIFILM Business Innovation has proven its commitment to sustainability at every step in the value chain.
Since 2007 FUJIFILM Business Innovation has been working with approximately 300 suppliers to address sustainability in the supply chain. This involved developing a robust set of standards based on the United Nations Global Compact and the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct. Complementing this is a detailed checklist which includes over 260 items across environmental, human rights, labor and business ethics areas. These results are fed into a plan-do-check-act framework to ensure improvements are implemented. We have extended this program from our manufacturing supply chain to our logistics providers.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation has embraced fundamental standards for quality, environment and safety at its manufacturing sites in Japan, China and Vietnam. They have been certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management systems.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is well positioned to help our customers become more sustainable. Our technology and services are designed and managed to improve sustainability performance for customers.


  • FUJIFILM Business Innovation equipment features environmentally responsible design and energy efficient enhancements.
  • Our document software and digital technologies reduce paper wastage.
  • Our services enable clients to improve the efficiency of document intensive processes and optimize their equipment infrastructure to save costs and reduce carbon emissions.
FUJIFILM Business Innovation has established company-wide product recycling policy in 1995. Based on the principle “Used products are valuable resources, not waste”, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong has proactively promoted circular economy by sending all used products to our cross-border integrated recycling system in Thailand since 2004, which achieved a material/thermal recycling rate over 99.5% (zero landfill). In mid-2018, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong changed its recycling strategy in preparation for the importation ban of WEEE in Thailand and the newly issued WEEE regulation in Hong Kong. With the full implementation of the Producer Responsibility Scheme on WEEE in Hong Kong on 1 August 2018, we shouldered our obligations as a registered supplier and comply with the Product Eco-responsibility (Regulated Electrical Equipment) Regulation by working with local recyclers for material recycling. By minimizing sea transportation, our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have been further reduced. 

Sustainability Report