FUJIFILM Authentication Label

  • Protecting our customers from counterfeit products, FUJIFILM Business Innovation uses “authentication labels” on the packaging of toner cartridges.
  • The authentication label is a small holographic label with the FUJIFILM logo used to verify the authenticity of product as a “genuine FUJIFILM”.
  • This authentication label is attached to toner cartridges for all Printers and some of Multifunction Devices with the FUJIFILM trademark.


How to Identify Genuine FUJIFILM Authentication Label

  • When you find the authentication label on FUJIFILM Business Innovation supplies packaging, please check the following features of the label:
  1. FUJIFILM Logo
  2. Serial Number
  3. QR code
  4. Black square
  5. 8 diagonal rainbow lines
  • If there is no problem with the above features, irradiate the label with light such as a pen-type LED light or a smartphone LED light.
    If the letters "O・K" appear on the label, the label is genuine.
    Watch this video to learn more.