Capture and Flow Service is an AI-powered cloud platform that enables document capture, classification and workflow automation.


Zero deployment effort 
Users simply need to log in and start uploading documents for data processing, classification and extraction. No manual settings or document templates are required before using the service. 
Your FUJIFILM Business Innovation Multifunction Printer (MFP) acts as an input window where your physical documents are scanned and digitized. All AI-powered tasks, such as classification, tagging and machine learning, run in the background.

Reduce human errors with AI
Capture and Flow Service focuses on the most tedious, time-consuming tasks such as data entry for invoices and bank statements. 
By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, the platform reduces human errors, allowing you to rely on more accurate, readily available data, and boost your ROI. 

Accurate insights on data 

Based on our vast experience in document management, the service’s interface and functionalities have been optimized to provide a superior user experience.
The platform’s intuitive dashboard helps bridge the gap between data and insights and enables users to run easy-to-understand analyses for better decision-making.

Fully secure platform 
Capture and Flow Service combines FUJIFILM Business Innovation’ document management experience with Microsoft Azure’s leading cloud computing services.
Your documents and data are safely encrypted and stored on Azure, which offers state-of-the-art, multi-layered, built-in security controls and intelligence to help identify and protect against any possible threats. 

Flexible subscription model 
Capture and Flow Service is provided via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. It is subscription-based with no setup time and is fully scalable, allowing organizations to flexibly meet evolving business needs.
The platform is continuously updated to incorporate the latest innovations, eliminating periodic one-off costs associated with migrating to a new software. 

Use case

Deploying intelligent invoice capture automation and data validation and upload to warehouse management system (WMS), supporting the company’s one-stop service encompassing shipping, freight logistics, warehousing and local truck delivery services in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan. 


  • Labor-intensive admin processes for checking invoices and packing lists provided by truck drivers
  • Manual input of invoice and packing list items into WMS slowing the process and exposing it to human error
  • Manual processes causing long wait at warehouses by truck drivers and loss of precious delivery time and capacity


Customer experience enhancement

Streamlined processes aligned with corporate digital transformation journey, enhancing admin operations and customer experience

Data input accuracy

Data is accurately input to WMS, less need for clarification

Capacity utilization

Admin processes simplified, so truck drivers can get on with efficient delivery