Even if digital communications make up a large part of your marketing mix, FUJIFILM Business Innovation understands that traditional methods are still important and covers them. We enable our clients to deliver interactive and engaging communications securely to customers via their channel of choice.


To help you outperform competitions, FUJIFILM Business Innovation is now offering an end-to-end service with a variety of upstream to downstream channels which are backed by FUJIFILM Data Management Solutions Asia (DMSA), a recognized industry and market leader in transactional printing and document digitization in Hong Kong. 

Paper formats build trust and confidence among people. It is a common practice for companies with large-scale transactions, which is based completely on customer data, to use reliable transactional print and mail services. Our range of services includes: 

  • Data Processing
  • Data Transformation
  • Document Composition
  • Electronic Archive
  • Letter Shopping
  • Printing and Mailing
  • Warehousing Service


Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management

To maintain high-quality services and help clients navigate standard procedures at all points of the business cycles, our dedicated account delivery and customer service teams give support at off-site delivery centers. Our enterprise-level management services are efficient and reliable.

Enterprise Security Management

Enterprise Security Management

DMSA has certified with ISO 9001, Information Security Management System (ISMS) ISO 27001 and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Our cutting-edge infrastructure is housed in Tier 3 data centers that provide disaster recovery services. Data protection and safeguarding information exchange is our top priority.

Full-scale IT Capability

Full-scale IT Capability

With shared resources support from Hong Kong, Australia and Philippines, our IT strengths include customized data composition, template design, infrastructure setup, project implementation and transition, as well as incident handling and trouble shooting. The end-to-end service monitoring in the enterprise IT environment with the best practices ensure adherence to the service level agreement.


Mail fulfilment at FUJIFILM Business Innovation is all about accuracy, security, and customization. With our excellent inkjet production printers and our extensive knowledge in transactional printing, high-quality print output with a 600 x 600 resolution could be produced.

Given short production lead time, various printing technologies will be deployed simultaneously to meet increasing demand for high-volume printing. Personalize each customer’s document with business color to enhance the customer experiences.


TPS Invoice Template

Features include:

  • Every sheet in the mail is identified by a barcode, which is validated by the mailing system. 
  • Important information is recorded, and the progress of mail delivery is carefully monitored.
  • Integrity, quality, and traceability could be achieved. 
  • Integrated our Auto Spoilage Control system with the most reliable File-based Mail Processing which surpasses 7-sigma. 

FUJIFILM Business Innovation helps enterprises to transform how they interact with their external and internal stakeholders and reinventing the experience. In addition to traditional print services, our Digital Communications Services provide all or part of your upcoming communications, from design to delivery, SMS, email, print, outbound and inbound mails.

Channel Options:

  • Email and SMS delivery
  • Online presentment of content
  • Interactive documents
  • Integrating documents
  • Personalized video
  • Electronic archive of content


FUJIFILM Data Management Solutions Asia (DMSA) is a recognized industry and market leader in transactional printing and document digitization in Hong Kong. As your trusted partner, we aim to optimize your customer engagement by providing solutions in response to the evolving digital world.

24/7 Active Production Sites with Guaranteed SLA:

DMSA in Hong Kong operates 24/7 production sites in Kowloon and on Hong Kong Island. Two power companies provide data networks and electricity supply separately.

Examples of Customer Communications:

  • Bills from telecommunication companies
  • Statements and letters from banks and financial institutions
  • Policies, letters and renewal notices from insurance companies
Apart from transactional printing, DMSA also provides inbound digitization and Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions. For details, click here. 

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