How To File and Manage Your Documents Electronically?

A leading SaaS provider of intelligent information management (IIM) solution. M-Files is a cloud document management that delivers a simple, unified experience to intelligently find, file, access and manage documents and information from any system, without disturbing people or processes.

Experience true Enterprise Search to find and edit electronic documents, files and information across all of your systems immediately – even on your mobile device. Access the system and edit a project plan in your network files, view agreements or see everything related to a customer in other systems (ERP, CRM, etc) without having to migrate anything.


What are the features of Electronic Enterprise Content Management?

Metadata-Driven + System-Neutral + Intelligent = Intelligent Information and Document Management (AI-powered information management solution)

  • Organize your contact with metadata
  • Search for information, documents and files in any systems or repositories
  • Use content anytime, anywhere, with any device
  • Collaborate
  • Turn your office paperless


The benefits of Intelligent Enterprise Content and File Management

1) Find Information and Documents Fast
M-Files applies artificial intelligence to classify and organize everything based on what it is and present related information in context so you never have to remember where it’s saved or which version is the right one.

2) Adapts To Your Evolving Needs
Integrates with numerous business applications and systems to deliver the functionality and flexibility you need now and in the future

3) Easy To Use
Eliminate information silos and provide immediate access to the right content from any core business system and device.

4) Sharing & Collaborating
Sharing documents in M-Files is as easy as a right click, Whether you need to share documents outside your organization or collaborate with colleagues, M-Files keeps everything streamlined and organized.

5) Document Processing
Automated workflows streamline common business processes so you can stay productive and compliant. It’s simple, quick, and built into M-Files.

6) Compliance & Regulation
Built-in content and process management capabilities. Organize, manage, and track every document, process and task with ease.

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Use Cases

Setting up document management system for loan applications with simple scanning, barcode capturing, and customer signature capturing and verification for the financial conglomerate offering financing for vehicles and vessels.


  • Documents stored in both hardcopy and softcopy format, making it difficult for users to get a full set of documents, while information integrity also undermined
  • Decentralized document storage and lack of record management leading to record duplication and difficulties to ascertain the latest version
  • Huge storage cost for on-site and off-site safe-keeping of the document stacks involved in every loan application 


Efficiency and accuracy advancement

Centralized management of all documents ensuring the latest information readily available for authorized users, with the fastest way to verify customers’ signatures

Approval process expedition

Saving up to 80% of the time required for finding and verifying customers’ signatures

Printing cost minimization

Duplicated printing reduced by up to 70%

  Improved accessibility of important information

Application forms and supporting documents easy to access and locate with standardized indexes in SSE

Developing a smart document management system for this architectural design studio that delivers imaginative and rigorous construction design solutions in major projects in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, Chengdu and other mainland cities.


  • Decentralized document storage with a lack of record management causing duplication of records and difficulties in searching for required information 
  • No standardized document filing structure or access right management of sensitive documents 
  • Lacking timely synchronization of project documents with headquarters to ensure document integrity


Project documents consolidation

Project Document Library centralizes documents like drawings, correspondences, daily reports and emails from various sources at project-code level and in a structured and standardized manner, with individual assess rights defined according to project roles, enabling effective collaboration within project team

Document collaboration facilitation

Document access can be checked via a dashboard, with auto-alert on read status

Governance and confidentiality

Enabling corporate governance policy control of logging and document assess to maintain project confidentiality

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