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DocuSign CLM

Managing contracts is inevitable in business operation, while contract preparation and contracting process are always complex and inefficient. DocuSign Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions help you simplify contract complexity and accelerate the contracting process.

DocuSign CLM’s cloud-based central repository is a gamechanger that provides powerful search and workflow. With the contract templates and clause libraries, commercial teams are able to create and get the contract packages rapidly. Customers are also empowered to redline and authorize contracts electronically with DocuSign CLM and e-Signature, resulting in quicker responses. 

How DocuSign CLM helps in business?
  • Automate manual tasks

Automate and streamline as many steps as possible — including document generation, negotiation, and approvals —to reduce errors and increase productivity of each stakeholder in the process.

  • Orchestrate complex workflow

Instantly kick off next steps and pass to the right person, connect people and systems, keep the process on track and provide visibility to all stakeholders.

  • Eliminate unnecessary risks

Centralize all contracts for secure storage, high searchability and precise analysis, allowing organizations to standardize contracting processes and minimize risks.


Timing is crucial when it comes to sales. Before the deal is signed, the approving signature is a barrier. Many businesses still rely on printed paper contracts, and a physical endorsement by signing on the contracts. With this time-consuming manual action, it can delay the signing process, cause frustration and even introduce new unknown risks at this concluding stage.

With e-signature, your business transactions can now be sped up securely. You become more efficient with lesser manual processes. You save money and improve productivity, ultimately, you create a better customer experience. Learn how you can enjoy these benefits now with FUJIFILM Business Innovation.

e-Signature transforms your sales process

It is simple, secure and easy to use. e-Signature helps to speed up the turnaround time, to create, track and sign contracts.

You can process contracts within seconds, in just a few clicks. You save your most valuable resource – time.

Over the years, e-Signature has become an integral solution for any business that strives to maintain its competitive edge.


Why should you adopt e-Signature?

e-signature can help businesses simplify and improve their process efficiency. Here are the benefits in comparison to traditional signing:

  • Save time & costs
  • Reduce the risk of human errors
  • Enhance security
  • Impose legal value
  • Automate processes
  • Protect our environment

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