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FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Collaborates with Sangfor Technologies to Launch First "Cybersecurity Experience Lab" in Hong Kong

Pioneering services to provide enterprises with various cybersecurity solutions

HONG KONG, OCTOBER 19, 2022 – FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong (FUJIFILM BI Hong Kong) has partnered with Sangfor Technologies (Hong Kong) to jointly launch Hong Kong’s first Cybersecurity Experience Lab, with the purpose of providing local enterprises with experiences of various cybersecurity solutions through an interactive interface, including FUJIFILM BI Hong Kong’s “Managed Security Service”. This cutting-edge service continues to align with the company’s vision in “Smart Workstyle” and therefore usher an all-round digital transformation for clients to build a seamless, secure and flexible workstyle amid the ever-changing environment and stand out from peers.

Sangfor Technologies Group Photo (From left to right) Ms. Jan Lo, Channel Sales Manager, Mr. Teamo Chen, Deputy General Manager (Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan), Mr. Ringo Yiu, Regional General Manager (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & Singapore) of Sangfor Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited; Mr. Tatsuya Nakamura, Managing Director, Mr. Jon Chung, Sales Director, Mr. Alan Chan, Marketing & Supply Chain Management Director of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong, recently celebrated the launch of Hong Kong’s first Cybersecurity Experience Lab at FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s office.

To empower enterprises to address challenges under the evolving work practices, "Hyperautomation", "Total Experience" and "Cybersecurity Mesh" have become the three technology enablers for FUJIFILM BI Hong Kong. As work-from-anywhere and digitalization of work processes become the new norm, cybersecurity has emerged as a key challenge that businesses must overcome during their digital transformation journey.

In view of this, FUJIFILM BI Hong Kong and its strategic partner Sangfor Technologies, a market leader in cybersecurity and cloud computing solutions, has jointly launched the brand-new Cybersecurity Experience Lab. By combining the expertise of FUJIFILM BI Hong Kong and Sangfor Technologies in cybersecurity, clients can get a hands-on experience of different security technologies without complex deployment.

“Work-from-anywhere has become the new norm since the pandemic outbreak, pushing enterprises to harness digital technologies to build a seamless workspace, subsequently accelerated their digital transformation progress. Nevertheless, the evolving cybersecurity threats may take advantage of the trend and hinder the results. As a trusted business innovation partner, we are committed to supporting our clients to address these challenges. We have been collaborating with Sangfor Technologies and other technology providers to launch various cybersecurity solutions and strive to become their go-to managed security service provider (MSSP). The new Cybersecurity Experience Lab signifies our commitment to enhance cybersecurity and foster a Smart Workstyle for our clients,” Mr. Tatsuya Nakamura, Managing Director of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited, said.

“We share the same vision with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s vision in promoting Cybersecurity Mesh as a core tech enabler, and we are committed to providing high-quality cybersecurity solutions for any industry, supporting our clients to undergo digital transformation in the face of the escalating cybersecurity threats. The strategic partnership to launch Hong Kong’s first joint Cybersecurity Experience Lab demonstrates our determination to enhance cybersecurity for local businesses and create impeccable advantages for our clients,” Mr. Ringo Yiu, Regional General Manager (Hong Kong, Macau & Singapore) of Sangfor Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited, said.

Clients can experience different kinds of simulated cyberattacks through the Cybersecurity Experience Lab. A real-time dashboard also gives a glimpse of how various artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cybersecurity solutions drive automatic threat defences. In addition, clients can learn more about:

  • Network Detection and Response (NDR): Supported by FUJIFILM BI Hong Kong’s Managed Security Service, which has a self-operating Service Operations Center for collecting a broad range of network and security traffic data. AI is subsequently deployed to evaluate potential malicious behaviors. Certified security professionals will send real-time threat alerts and recommendations to clients.
  • Next-Generation Firewall: Fully integrating with Web Application Firewall and Endpoint Security Protection, along with AI, for a thorough detection of contents and malicious activities. The Firewall provides comprehensive protection against all sorts of threats, including zero-day attacks.
  • Endpoint Security: Managing endpoint security settings, including patching vulnerabilities and activity monitoring, in order to prevent malware attacks.
  • SASE: Leveraging SD-WAN technology, it remotely protects enterprise branches and end-users, while also enhances user experience by reducing connection latency and costs.

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Interface of Cybersecurity Experience Lab’s Monitoring System

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