Cryptobox– Become Efficient and Adjust to Modern Ways of Working 



One of the most significant changes due to the global pandemic is the way employers and employees consider working from home (“WFH”)
1.  Based on a survey in the US by PWC2, over 50% of companies surveyed are already allowing a high percentage of their staff to WFH.


Cryptobox, in partnership with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong, helps WFH staff remain efficient.  It is a one-stop solution for document management, with real time encryption and backup.


Why and How?

The system helps companies establish remote document management, enabling more people to work remotely and maintain productivity. It also enables users to save and share documents anytime, anywhere. According to AIIM, 42% of EDMS users achieve an ROI in <12 months, with 57% before the 18th month.


Cryptobox also provides tracking and recording on document usage and action/work history. All documents are instantly encrypted with multiple back-ups on a daily basis, ensuring confidentiality and information safety, an issue which concerns over 80% of major companies.3

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