New Cryptobox 2.0 - Smaller, Speedier, Securer



Facing an increasing of working from home and having to swiftly respond to market challenges, SMEs have to carefully manage the task of information security, whilst allowing their employees to work remotely.

Companies weighing the allocation of constrained resources for internal information security measures can refer to the "Seven Habits of Cyber Security for SMEs" released by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, where strengthening Endpoint Security protection is one of the major areas.

Endpoint Security is the first line of defense against hackers

The newly launched Cryptobox 2.0 document encryption box is particular suitable for SMEs to strengthen the protection of endpoints.

The new generation internal and external configurations have been further strengthened, for a larger and faster file collaboration platform, and includes features such as:

  •  WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) technology which comprehensively prevents ransomware attacks
  •  New custom watermark function to avoid unauthorized copying
  •  Double storage space
  •  Document handling speed up 108%
  •  30% smaller in size

Cryptobox 2.0 is the ideal file collaboration and sharing platform for enterprises with one-stop encryption, file management, and automatic daily backups.

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Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center "Seven Habits of Cyber Security for SMEs"

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