Technology popularisation among companies of all sizes is a vital step in the development of Hong Kong Smart City, and the remote working trend brought about by the pandemic has accelerated the development of digital offices in Hong Kong.

However, many companies still struggle on the path to digital adoption, especially small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As much as company leaders wish to reap the benefits of digital transformation, they are confronted with obvious challenges when implementing solutions.

Intelligent Automation & Optimised Processes

As remote work arrangements become increasingly common in Hong Kong, organisations with people-dependent processes and limited end-to-end digital automation found themselves unable to continue operating as usual and lost about how to get started.

For starters, a comprehensive business process review can be performed to identify areas for improvement and risks that can affect future bottom lines and ROI. This can guide organisations toward possible solutions to streamline operations. By discovering areas where the workload can be lightened through intelligent automation and outsourcing, businesses can find ways to boost productivity and scalability and strengthen governance with effective business process management

Workforce & Workstyle

While building an intelligent workplace that encourages automation is relatively easy, an organisation's move to digitalisation goes further than using new hardware and software as technology is ever evolving. Training a digitally-savvy workforce that willingly adopts a smart workstyle is vital to establishing a future-proof business.

For any given enterprise, a smart workstyle is characterised by running a business as usual with the support of technological implementation, regardless of any change in geographic location, variation in the environment, and personnel movement.

The digital transition profoundly impacts employees’ daily work as it requires them to adapt to the new environment and change their work habits. Thus, these implications, along with several key aspects of building, executing and scaling a digital office, should be considered when addressing a specific business’ unique needs and culture to ensure that the solutions and infrastructure are well accepted and properly implemented or utilised by stakeholders.


Smart workplaces are increasingly built to enable seamless collaboration at the intersection of the physical and virtual worlds. A crucial marker to check if these offices are set up correctly is that they comprise all the intelligent tools that promote automation to facilitate work for a better employee experience and enhance connectivity for remote workers. Beyond optimising workflows, they should be a synergistic amalgamation of services and technological solutions that best suit an organisation’s needs and improve its security and agility.


Apart from internal enhancements, engagement with external customers needs to level up with smart communication methods that extend beyond the office to address all aspects of the digital transition. As technology becomes an integral part of our daily lives and the lines between online and offline customer communications get increasingly blurred, businesses need to pursue a holistic approach.

An omnichannel approach helps deliver human-centric communications that provide a consistent customer experience - right where they are at the right moment, from marketing prints to onboarding welcome emails and even SMS reminders. Such solutions that allow for flexible time-to-market would attest to a surge in customer loyalty and retention and eventually translate into a higher ROI.

Go Beyond Digital Transformation With FUJIFILM Business Innovation

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