Staying constantly connected to business networks has become critical to outperforming one’s competitors, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This is why SME employees have largely embraced mobile working: the ideal that business networks must be accessible from anywhere, using any device.

While mobile working Redirect to an external URL  enhances employee productivity,  it can also create security headaches for unprepared companies Redirect to an external URL .  An ongoing rise in data breaches has forced SMEs’ clients to take a closer look at their security and data weak spots – especially their vendors’ ability to handle sensitive information Redirect to an external URL .

Can your company’s cybersecurity pass muster? Or are you in danger of losing bids by falling short?


Document Management and the Cloud

To better meet the security challenges of mobile working, start by implementing the right document management systems (DMS). A great DMS does more than just secure confidential information – used correctly, DMSs can help SMEs realise greater revenue per employee and increase revenue growth.

Follow this up by embracing cloud technology: this securely enables mobile connectivity, allowing your SME to expand sustainably and economically Redirect to an external URL . The best platforms protect your growing company, while freeing up operating capacity so you can take on larger, more sophisticated projects.

A robust cloud and mobile system focuses on the basics of access, permissions and audit trails to protect data and keep the company safe.


Make the Most of Mobile

Compare this checklist against your cloud and mobile systems, to ensure your SME is making the most of mobile, work-anywhere technology:

  • 🗹 Constant connections to work systems
  • 🗹 Easy-to-use applications for both staff and customers
  • 🗹 Instant and automatic cloud back-up and encryption of all sensitive data
  • 🗹 Simple and intuitive corporate systems
  • 🗹 Flexible physical workspaces to support time-limited projects


The right mix of technology can give your SME an advantage over slower moving peers, and help you compete against slow-to-adopt large firms.

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