Keep Operations Smoothly with a Business Continuity Plan

It may happen when you least expect it. One moment your business is running smoothly; in the next, you find your operations coming to a sudden standstill. 

Business interruptions can come from any direction. Typhoons and other “acts of God” can damage your business’ essential hardware. Sickness or traffic jams can prevent essential staff from performing their functions. These threats are difficult to predict, and almost impossible to address without a solid plan. 

In any case, these stoppages can be disastrous to your bottom line: Avaya estimates the average cost of downtime at  US$140K to US$540K  per hour,  so even a few minutes offline can cost millions in lost revenue. 

That’s why creating a Business Continuity (BC) Plan has become more important than ever. BC provides your business with a framework to protect against and quickly respond to disruptive incidents or emergencies. 

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong customers benefit from our BC Planning expertise, executed by an experienced team that regularly works under emergency situations.
We can virtualise essential business operations, allowing you to provision your entire business remotely and from the cloud. We’ll also create a BC plan to help ensure the protection of personnel and assets, and build a roadmap for prevention and recovery.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s advanced ICT and outsourced services can help you create and manage an actionable and effective BC plan—helping to keep you afloat through any emergency. 

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"Network Downtime Results in Job, Revenue Loss."  Avaya Inc., March 5, 2014.