Medical Report Output System (MROS)


  • Connect DICOM modalities (MRI, CT, US etc) to FUJIFILM Business Innovation printer: DICOM 3.0 basic greyscale/colour print
  • Connect PACS workstations to a specified FUJIFILM Business Innovation printing system 
  • Near diagnostic quality paper print in greyscale/color print
  • LookUp tables for modality-individual quality settings: DICOM 3.0 presentation
  • Remote Administration Environmentally Safe: Paper eliminates the use of chemicals and their associated environmental impact

Key Challenges 

Radiology departments in hospitals and imaging centers are making the transition to digital with the goal to be filmless and therefore reduce cost. But referring physicians are still asking for hardcopy images together with the diagnostic report.

  • Hospitals and imaging centers are under high-cost pressure 
  • Hardcopies are still required
  • Filmless hospitals are an illusion like a paperless office
  • High courier cost to transport the film to physicians
  • High labor cost to track, file, and transport film 

How Can We Help? 

Medical Report Output System (MROS) teamed with a high-resolution FUJIFILM Business Innovation Production Printing Systems printer lets you print radiological and other medical images on plain paper at near film quality. It fits seamlessly into both traditional and PACS workflows to provide a cost-effective solution for sharing images with referral physicians.

  • 90% cost reduction off from eliminating hardcopy medical imaging cost
  • ROI in 3-6 months (depending on print volume)
  • Low transportation cost because paper images can be sent through regular mail instead of using expensive courier service
  • Get rid of expensive film jackets, and paper can be folded to standard sizes
  • Reduced labor cost associated with tracking, filing, and transporting film
  • Near diagnostic quality - industry benchmark quality
  • Environmentally safe: Paper eliminates the use of chemicals and their associated environmental impact
  • Easy to file and store paper with other patient records
  • MROS printing workflow is identical to that of an office printer, eliminating the need for time-intensive special training
  • No need for light boxes – MROS images can be shared anywhere, helping facilitate meaningful discussions
  • Annotate and mark paper to clarify diagnostics results and descriptions
  • Print images in color, US and NM
  • No light sensitivity – unlike film paper, MROS printouts cannot be degraded by direct sunlight
  • Remote administration 

Why FUJIFILM Business Innovation? 

  • Providers of high image quality printers that are essential to the “image quality sensitive” radiology market (greyscale)
  • High reliability of FUJIFILM Business Innovation printers result in in maximum uptime that can spell a critical difference in the medical industry
  • Excellent service, quick response time and fast problem resolution


System requirements
DICOM capability of Imaging modalities (CT, MR etc.)

Bringing Innovation to the Medical Industry

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong developed an innovative Medical Report Output System (MROS) solution which supports the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) format for hospitals. This solution aims to enhance performance when delivering medical services, while reducing costs and helping hospitals maintain green initiatives. Our solution provides comprehensive services which include the handling, storing, printing and transmission of information in multiple radiology system scans, improving the efficiency of hospital diagnostics and streamlining the workflow process. As MROS eliminates manual processes, medical organizations are able to minimize the chance of human error. Catering to the different types of scans performed in radiology department, these modalities produce numerous films generated from reports, radiology images and results. With the ability to integrate documents and DICOM images into personalized medical report booklets and self-labeled compact discs (CDs), USB or even Web Archive, MROS also enables patients to better communicate with family members and other clinicians effectively in a green manner by reducing paper consumption.

Grace Wong “FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s MROS DICOM solution is well aligned with Hong Kong Baptist Hospital’s mission of providing holistic and high quality hospital services to the community and rendering high quality medical facilities and hospital environment. With MROS, patients no longer need to bring along different and bulky medical films and reports to the hospital for consultations.”

Ms Grace Wong Yuen-ling
General Manager
Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

Through our MROS solution, Baptist Hospital has been able to reduce their traditional film usage by more than 50% – an amount equating to thousands of films every month. They have reduced the use of associated chemicals, and as such the hospital has not only achieved a cost saving goal but also enhanced its green image.