Cryptobox ・One-stop Encryption, Backup and Document Management

Business operations require the handling of large amounts of documents. Whether they are stored as traditional papers or as electronic documents in different formats, such documents need to be sorted systematically. 

It is common for enterprises to use file servers for central storage, and employees may also store the documents using different

classifications and naming methods. However, this makes document searching and checking difficult, and even harder to retrieve stored documents after employees leave the company.

To make it easier for our clients to digitize their documents and standardize storage management, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong has launched Cryptobox, a one-stop solution for encryption, backup and document management to help clients establish and maintain electronic documents management.

Main Features

  • Real-time encryption and user access permission 
  • Document versioning and audit trials
  • Multi backup and automatic daily backup
  • Auto document filing and indexing
  • Smart button for document storage in defined locations, plus automatic naming 
  • Supports FUJIFILM Business Innovation MFP direct scan & direct upload via mobile devices 
  • Includes full text search and tag
  • Real time document preview & document common annotations 
  • Auto notification for upload and editing documents
  • Direct document sharing instantly
  • Support mobile app viewing documents and sharing files through instant messenger
  • Includes external sharing functions, and additional options for watermarks, file downloads, access time limits and reading history etc.


The Cryptobox is a small document management box which only takes up limited space in your office. 

A one-stop solution for document management, real time encryption and backup, Cryptobox is equipped with the double protection of automatic multiple backup to ensure file security and prevent interruptions to business operations. Documents can be uploaded within one click via computers, mobile phones and MFP, which is simple and convenient. 
For uploading via computers and MFP, the SmartButton can be used for custom storage of standardized documents and file naming with tagging functions. This enables easier searching for the documents. At the same time, customers may use the full-text search function to locate the required documents. 

The additional audit trial and tracking function provides a history of file usage records for employees at a glance. In addition to this, the file version history, check-in and check-out, and MS Edit functions prevent files from being overwritten by mistake. Employees can also share documents instantly through the external sharing function or via their mobile phones. Shared files can be monitored anytime and anywhere. 

With Crytobox, document sharing has never been faster, easier and more convenient than ever!

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Cryptobox ・One-stop Encryption, Backup and Document Management 
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