Document Management - Overview


ParaDM is an open architecture mid-market Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) solution that lets you leverage a comprehensive yet simple suite of document management, workflow, eForm, and imaging capabilities. Highly customizable, the design of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Document Management Solution ensures an unsurpassed user experience at all times and in all areas. It helps your company maximize the potential of effective document information resources and optimize operational efficiency.

Over the years, ParaDM has helped many leading enterprises across different industries to streamline and automate their business process and set new standards of operational excellence. FUJIFILM Business Innovation EDMS includes Docushare and other Electronic Document Management Solution, all of them can bring your company to the higher efficiency.

Document Management System Features

Information Centralization & Standardization

  • ParaDM's document and workflow management technologies work with the system's SmartFile function to let you manage documents via any FUJIFILM Business Innovation Multi-functional device (MFD) at every stage from creation and capture, automatic filing and sharing, to reliable storage and archiving
  • ParaDM's MobileApp enables instant access to information anytime and anywhere

ParaDM Suite's Core Modules


  • a web-based document management which enables the intelligent, well-ordered indexing of all documents for speedier searching, retrieval and offline archiving


  • a workflow management which automates the entire life of your company's documentation from initial capture, creation and review to final approval and archiving


  • eForm technology enables electronic form creation via internal browsers


  • Scalable enterprise document capturing facility converts paper-based documents into digital images


  • Mobile App enables users to review/approve requests on pricing or business proposals, access real time enterprise information and receive ‘push' messages for speedier decision making



Improved Satisfaction

  • Enhances overall quality and lowers the likelihood of errors in documents due to a better way in managing document

Robust Security

  • Well-designed architecture ensures outstanding security which critical document can only be retrieved by the right person at the right time

Improved Compliance

  • Prevents critical documents from being inadvertently deleted and when necessary, critical evidences are readily available on timely manner

Enhanced Efficiency

  • Saves time by locating critical documents with a couple of mouse clicks
  • collaboration becomes more efficient when important knowledge becomes more accessible without compromising on security

Centralized Data Retrieval

  • Single gateway enables easy accessing of documents in multiple locations
  • High clustering availability ensures work can carry on even during network failures


Improved Productivity

  • Eliminates need for tedious allocating, routing and monitoring tasks
  • Frees users from being overloaded and lets them focus on urgent jobs

Improved Quality

  • Ensures all approvals/reviews are carried out by authorized users at the right time and with all relevant data

Shortened Approval Cycle

  • Drastically shortens approval/review cycles by enabling simultaneous rather than sequential actions

Improved Compliance

  • Enables achieving of stringent compliance by ensuring that sensitive tasks or information are handled via pre-defined procedures

Regulatory and Policy Compliance

  • Automatically ensures regulatory compliance by incorporating all critical external regulatory and internal company processes into everyday working procedures


Minimal Risk of Form Loss

  • Features both central management and appropriate back-up mechanisms

Intuitive Reporting & Analysis

  • Data filled forms can be captured in a database for reporting purposes or exported for further analysis

Guaranteed Form Integrity

  • Sophisticated password protection ensures that all submitted forms have been completed by authorized users

Protective Forms

  • Unlike passive paper forms, ParaForm's electronic forms integrate alerts and reminders for important due dates

Improved Collaboration

  • Ensures prompt approval of forms and supporting materials by authorized users

Easy & Effective Searching

  • Saves time by enabling authorized users to locate forms in just a few clicks


Minimal Risk of Document Loss and Damage

  • Unlike paper counterparts, properly managed digital documents cannot be lost or damaged

Increased Productivity and Value

  • As digital documents require far less storage space than paper ones, users can free up areas of their office to build their business

Simplified Retrieval

  • Authorized users can locate any digital document from any location in just a few clicks

Improved Collaboration

  • Annotations and remarks can be freely made on new versions of digital documents without altering their original contents or meaning

Increased Document Manageability 

  • Enables an unprecedented level of control of emails, faxes, reports, etc.

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