What is Human Resources Management Solution (HRMS)?

HR Digital Transformation in the Digital Era! People is the key to success in modern business world. Without a robust and flexible HRM Solution, companies will struggle to manage their human resources efficiently. Headcount budgeting, personnel administration, payroll and benefit calculation, implementation of staff e-learning, leave management and attendance management will become real challenges. Furthermore, the overall employee satisfaction and HR efficiency will be undermined if the HRMS fails to adopt the increasingly important mobile and information technologies.



What are the main features of Human Resources Management Solution?

HR Mobile App

Leverage the power of mobile and  HR technology to streamline HR Processes. HR Mobile App (Employee Self Services - ESS) maximizes the advantages of mobility in modern world as it can keep employees up-to-date with company news by announcing via company notice board; Manage time away from office by viewing leave balance and applying for leave & claim (eclaim) via mobile app . Besides, there is Smart Clock in & out to manage employees’ attendance (GPS, QR Code, etc) and employees can easily access and view their pay slips

Employee Central
Employee information & movement management enables the efficient management of workforce data and supports all standard HR activities, including workforce organization, development, and measurement. Email alerts are available for documents and license with expiry date, such as work permits, Visa and contracts. 

Leave Management 

All leave types are customizable under leave policy and rounding rules. HRMS will automatically calculate the leave balance for a new year based on the entitlement and forfeit policy of each position. Untaken leave(s) will be compensated by leave payment upon termination.

Smart Attendance
Smart Attendance Solution is a time-recording application that enables you to reduce the costs associated with time and attendance record keeping. It ensures all employees are paid correctly. Attendance records can be collected from HR APP and other clocking machines automatically. 

Rostering Management 

Support multiple shift which is more flexible to arrange staff schedule. Cost allocation calculation can more accurate.  As HRM solution keeps both clocking machine records and manual records. Managers are able to manual adjust attendance with reason. 

Payroll Management 
Payroll processing is a fundamental business requirement that demands accuracy, timeliness, and good financial controls. Payroll system can help you to ensure that all employees are paid on time and according to your compensation rules. To ensure compliance, sophisticated payroll calculations (comply with hk labour law), such as back pay, RSE, 713 Ordinance, 418 Ordinance,  minimum wage and taxation calculation, which are supported.

HR Analysis Report
More than 15 type of comprehensive statutory and managerial reports and statistics (e.g. 418 checking) are available. For example, headcount report, employee movement report, audit report, etc.  The can be exported as Excel or PDF files. The “Information Export” function also allows users to generate a query report easily by themselves.

HR Connector
With HR Connector, employee can login their own account directly via ApeosPort-VII / DocuCentre-VII for printing pay-slip, IR Tax Return (IR56B). On the other hand, they can also apply leave for which simplify HR handling process with less paperwork.



What are the Business Benefits of Human Resources Management Solution?

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s Human Resources Management Solution helps you to manage the workforce, improve human resources processes, and enhance employee satisfaction for higher efficiency and lower costs across the company.
- Support multi-country compliance (Hong Kong, Macau)
- Reduce leave and attendance cut-off process 
- Enhance motivation, job engagement and commitment
- Better shift & leave allocation
- Ture HR data into business value 
- Make HR processes (e.g. OT Approval) available anywhere and anytime


How is FUJIFILM Business Innovation's Human Resources Management Solution Different from Others?

- End to End Process from documentation, onboarding management, Leave & Time, Payroll to Reporting
- Comprehensive and Flexible Solution which specialist in HR Sector
- Expandable Solution to cope with future needs
- Professional HRMS Project Team with professional system