FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong ("FUJIFILM BI HK") SmartPay is the next generation in secure print innovation engineered specially to address demands for better management and control of company-wide printing cost. The FUJIFILM BI HK SmartPay enables organizations to effectively manage their printing environments, reduce costs, increase document security and promote sustainability. The FUJIFILM BI HK SmartPay takes convenience, flexibility, and ease-of-management to a whole new level while ensuring one of the lowest Total Cost-of-Ownership in the industry.


Multiple Language Support

  • Allows users to select their preferred language, in either Traditional or Simplified Chinese in addition to English

Flexible Payment Capability

  • Offers customizable payment, enabling users to pay either through their Octopus card or using the quota assigned to the user account
  • Allows for partial payment when the quota is insufficient to pay for the print job at hand.

Supports Multiple Price Line

  • Allows offering a tiered pricing structure based on paper size, Black & White or color, simplex or duplex printing or copying

Mobile Device Support

  • Can print documents directly from a USB memory stick
  • Can also print your document via a convenient web portal
  • Supports Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, as well as PDF, RTF and TXT file formats

Driver-less Printing

  • Eliminates the need for drivers by allowing users to print via an easy-to-use web portal

Follow You Printing

  • Users can retrieve their print jobs at the most convenient or accessible printing station on-the-fly by simply using their access card.

Automated Uploading of Octopus Transactions

  • Upload transaction data to Octopus Cards Limited automatically

Integrated Cost Recovery Solution*

  • Features a pay for print cost recovery application that helps organizations recover print and copy costs on site.

*AMDP v5 PRO solution is required


  • Highly intuitive user interface which significantly reduces administrative support calls, while ensuring higher staff productivity and greater customer satisfaction
  • Enjoy flexibility in settling payment either through quota or Octopus
  • Convenient for user to print from your desktop, USB memory or web submission
  • Reduce routine work to system administrator with the auto upload of transactional data to Octopus Card Ltd

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