Unlike typical Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems that offer basic and insufficient protection, our Unified Threat Management+ (UTM+) provides enhanced features and next-generation security technologies along with a managed service approach for optimal security and performance.



Managed by Security Experts

Protect your network from cyberthreats 24x7x365 with ISO-certified Security Operations Centers (SOCs) staffed by security engineers who remotely manage, monitor, and protect your network. Our services include:

  • Automatic deployment and installation of security patches in real time
  • Analysis of 800 million statistical data packets
  • Collaboration with over 70 security partners worldwide

Multi-layered Approach

Safeguard your network with a multi-layered security approach that includes Hybrid Firewall, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Anti-malware, Anti-spam, and Web Content Filtering. 


Additional Supports

Offer additional services to assist you in managing users and networks with SD-WAN, customized reports/KPIs, entity management, IPv4 to IPv6 Bridging, SIEM, and more.




Fully manage your security with a dedicated team 24X7X365
Our global team of security engineers takes care of the ongoing and vital management of your cybersecurity. Your network and digital assets are continuously protected, reducing the risk of cyberattacks. 


Fill the gap in your security infrastructure
Our solution is tailor-made and designed to meet all your security needs within a single system, ensuring a closed security loop without the involvement of third parties. 


Free up your manpower for your core business

With the monitoring and protection of cyberthreats handled by our professional team, you can reallocate your resources to develop or expand your business, driving business growth.


Certified by international standard authorities
Compliance has become an essential aspect for enterprise today. Our solution is certified by international standard authorities, ensuring that you comply with international standards.


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