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All-In-One Web-To-Print Software Solution For Creating And Managing Online Stores And Marketing Portals.

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All-in-One Web-to-Print Solution with Built-in Prepress Automation

With shorter runs and increased competition, print service providers are under pressure to streamline their workflows while meeting the needs of their demanding customers. XMPie Web-to-print solutions provide your customers with 24/7 access to your print shop and enhance the overall print purchasing experience. For your business to thrive in this fast-paced environment, you need a flexible, easy-to-use solution that will adapt to your needs, increase workflow efficiencies and help you stay ahead of your competition. PersonalEffect StoreFlow gives you all the functionality you need to create profitable Web-to-print storefronts and marketing portals that can help you reduce the costs associated with order acquisition, processing, and fulfilment.

XMPie PersonalEffect StoreFlow


Print service providers are constantly challenged to lower costs and increase turnaround times while still providing excellent customer service. Shrinking margins and growing expectations make this a difficult environment to maintain healthy profitability. Increased competition between print service providers is quickly turning web-to-print into a competitive requirement rather than a differentiator.

Key Challenges:

  • Time consuming quoting, with only a small percentage of quotes turning in to orders
  • Need for accurate order entry from multiple sources
  • Repeat print jobs require the same effort as new orders
  • Inefficient manual processes slow down production and are prone to costly human error
  • Meeting customer expectations to be able to submit and check orders online 24/7
  • Disparate workflows waste time and increase costs
  • Missed opportunities up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers
  • Desire to transform into a marketing service provider promoting value-added services and products
  • Building brand awareness to reach new markets


There are no additional fees for adding products or setting up new stores, so StoreFlow users can launch as many stores as they need, to serve as many customers as they can find – all from the same platform. Users can even duplicate existing stores with little effort.
StoreFlow storefronts offer a flawless mobile experience. Print buyers can use any device to customize their products, review and approve content, and track order status on-the-fly.
Sell anything from hats and t-shirts to static print items, fully personalised items, on-the-fly document submission, labels and packaging, as well as complete multi-touchpoint omnichannel marketing campaigns.
XMPie supports the complete Adobe InDesign workflow, from setup to preview and composition. This ensures the highest quality custom printed products, including those requiring special brand representation features such as custom fonts and Pantone colors.
With its advanced personalisation capabilities, fast variable content rendering, extensive product offerings (including omnichannel campaigns), users with StoreFlow can position themselves well above the competition to win clients. Users can offer other products such as personalised labels and packaging, email communications, or even omnichannel campaigns, whereby the print buyer can select, customize, order, execute and track multi-touchpoints campaigns directly from the storefront.
No coding expertise is required; customise and brand each store, and preview live, before deploying any changes. Enjoy full control over all design elements such as fonts, colors, and images.
StoreFlow web-to-print software includes Xerox® FreeFlow® Core, which allows store administrators to define multi-step workflows that preflight documents, automate imposition, and either submit jobs directly to any digital press or drop in a hot folder - everything that is needed to prepare and process web-to-print jobs for production efficiently.
The XMPie platform is an open system for exchanging data through file-based XML and APIs. For example, the BoxItNow Integration enables print buyers to visualize packaging concepts in 3D without having to wait days for quotes or prototypes, the AccuZIP integration brings postal processing and data correction and validation directly into the web-to-print workflow, and many more.


Provide both a robust platform for driving configurable print products, along with a five-star front-end customer experience. UX features include HTML5 responsive design, exact branding of store look and feel, corporate-controlled content, preset company shipping addresses, simple reordering, and order approval, and much more.
With StoreFlow's superior order-entry workflow and brand-control capabilities, you can make your business into an indispensable part of your clients’ operation.
A designer is no longer needed for every business card or legal text change, and ordering is fully digitized/automated with no need for calls and manual tracking. These time-consuming tasks, previously undertaken by staff members, are eliminated.
Brand Compliance – Adobe InDesign is used to create document templates to guarantee brand accuracy, colours, and design integrity. Features to support corporate users to centralised controlled contents.
Bird’s-eye view on business and production activities, with Dashboard for complete control, tracking and reporting.



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