Reduce costs. Reduce Risk. Increase efficiency. All through accounts payable automation. While how you do business might be innovating, a lot of day-to-day processes – especially when it comes to accounts – still rely on traditional paper-based processes. By automating your accounts payable process, you can streamline how you work and unlock true benefits that come from digitalization. Automating your accounts payable process is more than simply optimizing workflows. You gain very real business benefits, including a fit for purpose solution that can integrate where and how you need it to.   


The drive for increased efficiency, faster workflows and reduced costs has led to the widespread intention to automate Account Payable function through investment in technology. However, such automation is costly, hard to justify and difficult to implement successfully which force most enterprise to still rely on manual, paper intensive processes. It may cause error, delayed payment, dispute, and lost early payment discounts. Most importantly posting tremendous difficulty to have accurate finance projection and planning.



  • Assessments based on standardized metrics and solutions for digitizing and automating accounts payable processes.
  • Workflow optimization to digitize documents and integrate them into your ERP systems. 
  • Access of accurate, up-to-date information for easier resolution of disputes and exception handling 
  • Consistent service levels and simplification of key performance indicators that support financial compliance requirements.


By reviewing your process from end-to-end and integrating automation, you uncover opportunities to: 

  • Improve your cash management with easier and more accurate reporting 
  • Reduce manual tasks, errors and the need for human intervention 
  • Create efficiencies through optimized workflows and existing system integration 
  • Increase staff engagement and productivity 
  • Reduce invoice handling and processing costs
  • Better store, manage, access and retrieve data 
  • Streamline how you process payments, approvals and vendors