【Industry Insight】Smart Capture Helps Accounting Firms Go Fully Digital


For the accounting and professional services industries, paper-based processes represent a significant bottleneck.

Problematic Workflow in Accounting Firms

Studies suggest that 80% of all workplace information is still processed in paper form. This can be problematic for accountants who dislike the effort of searching through paper documents, forms or invoices. Even converting paper to digital formats can also be prohibitively difficult, consuming resources your office may not have.

Smart Document Platform – Dokmee Capture

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong provides a smart document solution, Dokmee Capture, which armed with production-quality scanning, automated data capture and indexing tools.

Dokmee Capture allows one-click scanning, automated naming and saving, offering a speed advantage of 300% over traditional scanning and indexing methods. Dokmee Capture and other digitisation tools can help accounting firms reduce labour costs, drive efficiencies, and redirect staff to more strategic work.2

Call on FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong and Dokmee Capture, and you’ll help guide your firm towards taking its first and most decisive step into digitisation.


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