【Fight the Virus】Some see Trouble. We see solutions.

“Research suggests that people only truly believe that their company has a purpose and clear values when they see management making a decision that sacrifices short-term profitability for the sake of adhering to those values.” —Harvard Business Review

Source: https://hbr.org/2020/04/coronavirus-is-putting-corporate-social-responsibility-to-the-test

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong is offering a special package to assist companies to make good on their responsibility to worker safety while strengthening core business capabilities. The package combines the advanced ApeosPort-VII C4473 Multi-function Printer (MFP) and Cryptobox, a revolutionary system for managing documents.

Safe for Employees

  • Remote working Documents can be uploaded via computer, mobile phone or MFP, allowing employees to work from anywhere.
  • Remote sharing Documents can be shared instantly.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) Contactless communication between a mobile phone and the multifunction device allows workers to operate the MFP without touching it.
  • WelcomEyes Sensors detect an approaching user, automatically waking the device so employees can avoid touching the device.

Safe for Business

  • Secure Real-time, device-level encryption, and automatic multiple backups ensure file security and prevent interruptions to business operations.
  • Convenient Document tagging, file version history, check-in and check-out, rights management, and MS Edit functions prevent files from being overwritten by mistake, support fast search and much more.
  • Small and affordable Compact footprint and affordable price means that companies don’t need to make an expensive investment.

Call us to discuss how the this digital solution can equip your business to meet today’s challenges head on and outsmart the virus with innovation.