The future belongs to the cloud: over 80% of businesses Redirect to an external URL across Asia Pacific now rely on the cloud for their computing needs. Spending on cloud services is expected to grow as on-premise infrastructure budgets shrink Redirect to an external URL.

Before devoting your company’s resources to cloud services, consider three essential factors first. 


Benefits of cloud adoption

Beyond simple savings, companies migrating applications and platforms to the cloud enjoy a wealth of other key benefits Redirect to an external URL: better security, faster speed to market, and ease of use.

The cloud’s scalability also favors small companies with limited budgets and capacity, by providing access to cutting-edge technology formerly reserved to big players, without having to hire expensive consultants.


Reassess existing workflows with a cloud strategy

Companies can use successful cloud migrations to completely reassess existing workflows and applications, and explore how the cloud can improve their outputs. Beyond just changing where systems are based, cloud migration allows each business to craft a cloud strategy that drives digital transformation across the whole organization. 


Potential issues of cloud migration

Before initiating the migration, businesses should carefully consider their cloud strategy and agreements with cloud providers.

A responsible cloud strategy must take future uncertainty into account: just as the business needs of the company can change, so can the focus of the cloud provider. 

Any cloud agreement should likewise factor in future changes, ideally by crafting an exit plan that kicks in if the provider stops supporting key systems, or the business needs to change applications as it grows. Using open standards should make it relatively simple for companies to switch applications and workloads if necessary. 


Final words

By making the right decisions at the beginning, moving cloud providers should be much easier than making a similar strategic change to on-premises hardware or software.

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