4 Tools to Bulletproof Your Business Against Interruptions


4 Tools to Bulletproof Your Business Against Interruptions

Business delays can come in many frustrating forms. System downtime, staff absences and inefficient paper-based workflows can all have cumulative negative effects on your bottom line—in the worst cases, costing your company about US$ 4,990 a minute.[i]

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A business continuity plan can help keep your business running when normal operations have stopped short. You can count on trusted partners like FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong to create a business continuity plan utilising one or more of the following tools:

  1. Powerful EDMS. Beyond simple storage, Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) give companies the ability to manage huge volumes of documents. Businesses struggling with paperwork can use EDMS to search, retrieve, and share documents—reducing time spent searching for information by 35%.[ii]

    EDMS leverages the cloud’s flexibility, scalability, and low cost, allowing authorised users to access documents while on the go. And strict user authentication and access controls meet customers’ need for document security.

  2. SSL VPN Solution. In the first half of 2019 alone, data breaches exposed over 4.1 billion records, a 54% jump up from the previous year.[iii] So how do you secure your network when remote access is essential to your operations?

    VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption and two-factor authentication to secure remote connections without the need for specialised software. VPN users can thus access client-server apps and internal network directories from any authorised device, free from the worry of becoming a data breach statistic.

  3. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). In situations that call for your workforce to work from home, a VDI solution can help them seamlessly transition to their respective home computer or mobile device, by creating a virtualised desktop (provisioned from a central server) that replicates the entire online business environment on any authorised device.

    VDIs allow your workforce to remotely access email, calendars, and other essential data—allowing them to be more mobile, yet more productive, than ever. IT managers, on the other hand, benefit from VDI’s ability to easily deploy and support applications: freeing them from the high costs of upgrades, and allowing effortless scaling as business needs evolve.

  4. Virtual Meeting Tools. As more employees take work mobility for granted—some 42.5% of the global labour pool are seen to go mobile by 2022[iv]—more businesses resort to virtual meeting tools to coordinate their distributed workforce.

Users can use these tools to set up or join online meetings—and do presentations, share files, and collaborate over the virtual meeting platform, almost as easily as if they were face-to-face.

Whether the reasons are as mundane as a broken-down aircon or as extreme as a signal 10 typhoon, having a plan to deal with business bottlenecks has become more important than ever. If uninterrupted uptime is important to your business, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s Business Continuity services can help you minimise downtime and its potential losses for the long term.

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