Cloud services were once unpopular with IT departments, because of their perceived security risk; some businesses still resist adopting them Redirect to an external URL.  But the truth is, a properly-run cloud infrastructure should be more secure than hosted or in-house platforms.

It boils down to choosing the best cloud provider – with some caveats.


Pros & cons of using multiple cloud providers

Most companies today use several cloud providers, not just one: different departments might have different needs, or the infrastructure might have grown organically over time. For either case, a mixed-provider model provides the best benefits Redirect to an external URL for most businesses.  But this complex setup has its drawbacks.


  • Prevent vendor lock-in
  • Multiple ecosystems increase flexibility
  • Better continuity from legacy systems


  • Not cost-effective over time
  • Lack of portability across systems
  • Increased complexity

To manage these different platforms without compromising security, you need a solution like Cloud Service Hub.


Optimise your business for mobile

Cloud Service Hub optimises your business for mobile: The service allows single sign-on for multiple cloud platforms, and gives users the ability to scan documents directly to the cloud. Users can search through all cloud platforms simultaneously to instantly find files or documents, using any mobile device. This improves collaboration: users can be sure that all teammates are working on the most recent version from any location.

Data in Cloud Service Hub is protected by SSL certificates, and is fully encrypted. The platform also supports multiple apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, and SharePoint, among others; it also works on Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android powered devices.

The hybrid multi-cloud environment is here to stay. To manage that environment safely and securely, you need a simple way to bring all those platforms together in one place. Cloud Service Hub can do that for your business.


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