As per a global cybersecurity report1 by Cyber Security Ventures, losses due to cybercrime rose thrice as much to reach $6 trillion USD globally in 2021. Prediction estimates see a further accumulation of annual losses to as much as $10.5 trillion USD globally by 2025.

It’s simply scary to imagine that you wake up one night to realize that your network has been hacked, and important confidential data has fallen into the hands of hackers and ransomware groups.

At FUJIFILM Business Innovation, we take cyber threats seriously, which is why every offering of ours goes through rigorous testing for adherence to international security and safety standards. Our all-new range of ApeosPort printers* come with enhanced security features, thus making sure you sleep soundly at night and work with focus through the day without any distractions or downtime due to unexpected threats.


1. Print Securely without worrying about Data Snooping

Data snooping has become prevalent, and businesses are scurrying to find solutions to curb the menace. Imagine all your hard work being stolen in a matter of seconds, all because the network wasn’t secured well enough, and the point of intrusion was a printer!

Our all-new ApeosPort range takes data security a few notches higher with IPSec based business-grade encryption and authentication mechanisms to oversee data communication between your printers and other network devices. Should anyone try snooping into your data, all they would be able to see is weirdly encoded symbols with no meaning, and no way to decipher, leaving them frustrated. IPSec is enabled for both printing and scanning functions, so you’ll never have to worry about security leaks again.


2. Runtime Intrusion Prevention and Secure Booting for your Office Printers

Modification of your device firmware can result in malicious actors gaining unauthorized access of your device, thus causing havoc. The ApeosPort range comes with Secure Boot function that verifies the integrity of device firmware right at the time of booting. This prevents a modified version of the firmware from booting up. In case any tampering is detected, the device boots to a fail-safe default backup configuration. Even post booting, the device firmware is constantly verified, which means that you can be sure your device is always safe and secure during operation, with you in total control of your device, just how it should be.


3. Curbs against unauthorized printing

Most modern-day office printers are easily accessible both physically and wirelessly, which poses a risk of unauthorized access to the device. You can forget about these worries on the ApeosPort range, as they are configurable with IP-Based device whitelisting for up to 50 IP addresses, with only these addresses being allowed to communicate through TCP/IP to the printer. So don’t worry about people outside your organization trying to use your printers for non-authorized printing!


4. Confidentiality maintained, always

Often, business printing involves several sensitive documents containing confidential data such as financial statements, legal documents and personal information. If this data falls into the wrong hands, the consequences could be disastrous. Nobody would want to lose a billion dollars just because of some oversight, would they? Understanding the gravity of the situation, we’ve devised the ApeosPort range in such a way that while using the device to print sensitive and confidential documents, you can choose the Confidential Print feature, which holds the printout until a recipient physically enters a secure access pin at the device. Once the pin is entered, the document is printed, thus maintaining complete secrecy from both malicious actors and prying eyes.


5. Security without compromise on speed and functionality

Most users consider Security and Usability as two sides of a coin, with the flipside being a tradeoff on usability with heightened security features. However, this need not be the case. Why not have a coin that has no flipside but solely benefits! Therefore, we’ve developed ApeosPort to be extremely secure, while also being highly functional and easy to operate. It’s now easy to get work done faster, but with the added advantage of safety and security of all processed tasks.

All said and done, our quest to develop products that are ahead of the competition in terms of security, reliability and speed will not stop here. Join hands with FUJIFILM Business Innovation towards a smarter, safer and sustainable future for all.

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*ApeosPort Series: ApeosPort C3830, ApeosPort Print C3830, ApeosPort C3320, ApeosPort Print C3320, ApeosPort C2410, ApeosPort Print C2410, ApeosPort 4730, ApeosPort Print 4730, ApeosPort 4020, ApeosPort Print 4020, ApeosPort 3410, ApeosPort Print 3410 Disclaimer: Features may vary by models.