2021 is half way through, and as most analysts predicted, it is an evolution rather than a revolution in cybersecurity. That doesn’t mean that 360° data security will play a smaller role in cybersecurity strategy – quite the opposite, as risks are escalating.

Internet of Things (IoT) devices have already been exploited for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. As the number of IoT nodes increases, they may also be used to launch more sophisticated incursions Redirect to an external URL .

Another evolving threat is the use of malware to install crypto-mining botnets on corporate systems, hijacking computing resources to mine Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. These attacks are seen to shift to IoT and server platforms in 2021 Redirect to an external URL .

We should also expect to see ongoing activity in spying and intellectual property theft, backed by both nation-states and independent hacker groups. That being said, human error Redirect to an external URL  will continue to be the most likely source of breaches relative to outside attacks.

All these threats underscore the importance of putting the basics of cybersecurity in place. That means implementing systems built with end-to-end security from the ground up. It also means using secure encryption, automated backups and audit systems that quickly trace leaks and mistakes.

Fujifilm’s Apeos Series will have you covered on all fronts, allowing access control from the device through the entire document life cycle. The platform is built on Fujifilm’s holistic security approach, using the basic principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability. 

Both data and communication routes are encrypted; tools like fax mistake prevention and confirmation screens prevent documents from being sent to unauthorized contacts. Authentication functions, complex passwords and IC cards ensure correct usage; monitoring logs provide a secondary line of defense.

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