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What is Intelligent Enterprise Content Management?

A leading SaaS provider of intelligent information management (IIM) solution. M-Files as a cloud document management to delivers a simple, unified experience to intelligently find, access and manage information from any system, without disturbing people or processes. 

Experience true Enterprise Search to find and edit documents and information across all of your systems immediately – even on your mobile device. Access and edit a project plan in your network folders, view agreements or see everything related to a customer in other systems (ERP, CRM, etc) without having to migrate anything. 



What's the feature of Intelligent Enterprise Content Management?

Metadata-Driven + System-Neutral + Intelligent = Intelligent Information Management (AI-powered information management solution )
- Organize your contact with metadata 
- Search for information in any systems or repositories 
- Use content anytime, anywhere, with any device
- Collaborate 
- Turn your office paperless


What are the benefit of Intelligent Enterprise Content Management?

1) Find Information Fast  

M-Files applies artificial intelligence to classify and organize everything based on what it is and present related information in context so you never have to remember where it’s saved or which version is the right one. 

2) Adapts To Your Evolving Needs

Integrates with numerous business applications to deliver the functionality and flexibility you need now and in the future

3) Easy To Use
Eliminate information silos and provide immediate access to the right content form any core business system and device. 

4)  Sharing & Collaborating 
Sharing documents in M-Files is as easy as a right click, Whether you need to share documents outside your organization or collaborate with colleagues, M-Files keeps everything streamlined and organized.

5) Document Processing 

Automated workflows streamline common business processes so you can stay productive and compliant. It’s simple, quick, and built into M-Files

6) Compliance & Regulation 
Built-in content and process management capabilities. Organize, manage, and track every document, process and task with ease.

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