FUJIFILM Business Innovation Launches ApeosPro Multifunction Printer Series for Professional and Office Use

Featuring the World’s First LED Printhead Capable of 2,400 x 2,400 dpi Fine Resolution Prints 

Hong Kong, May 21, 2021 — FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong launches two products in the ApeosPro high-performance multifunction printer series that offer high-quality images for professional use as well as general office functions such as copying, faxing and scanning. Sales of the multifunction printers will begin on May 21.

The ApeosPro series allows vibrant and sharper images to be printed for professional use by adopting the world's first Note 1 LED printhead capable of 2,400 × 2,400 dpi fine resolution output and the print engine technology available on professional market models. The use of Super EA-Eco toner also enables high definition and smooth image quality.


ApeosPro C750+ GP Controller D01 (Print Server)

In addition, the GP Controller D01 (Print Server) with its fine image quality adjustment function maximizes the performance of the print engine for generating high resolution images. Through high-speed Raster Image Processor (RIP)Note 2, fine image data is generated while text, thin lines, and gradients are professionally reproduced. Furthermore, the ApeosPro series complies with various printing industry colour standards such as Japan Colour, and is also equipped with colour sample data of special inks such as PANTONE®, so as to support professional colour reproduction.

The printers can handle paper of different thickness ranging from thin paper at 52 g/m2 to thick paper at 350 g/m2. They are compatible with various paper sizes for printing, from a postcard of 100 x 148 mm to long paper up to 330 x 1300 mm (simplex)Note 3 and can also be used for a wide range of applications, such as leaflets and posters production and printing on envelopes. In addition, Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker options Note 4 enable a variety of professional-level finishing such as three-way cutting of booklets, square back finishing, and lining (crease).

By installing the latest office controller software, the ApeosPro series further enhance office work efficiency. With the preset rules, Scan Delivery Note 5 reads characters from scanned documents and automatically stores them in the appropriate location. Moreover, by linking the printers with FUJIFILM Business Innovation's cloud storage service, Working Folder Note 6, the scanned documents can be viewed at anytime and anywhere.

The ApeosPro series fully support a wide range of applications from general office work to in-house production and from development of catalogues to various other promotional materials.

[Other key features of the ApeosPro series]

  • With the Printer Control Language (PCL) printer driver for office use, office documents such as Word and PowerPoint can be printed easily.
  • High productivity for the light production printer market of 75 pages per minute print speed Note 7.
  • By adopting the latest international standard security chip, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 Note 8, the encryption function of the data inside the multifunction printer is strengthened thus preventing information leakage.
  • Adobe certified Note 9 with genuine PostScript. Meets the printing levels required by Adobe products such as Photoshop®, Illustrator® and Acrobat® DC.

Note 1:        Dry electrophotography. As of March 2021. Based on the research by FUJIFILM Business Innovation.
Note 2:       High-speed serial transmission technology for transmitting high-definition, high-capacity jobs to multifunction printers at high speeds over a wide band, 1,200 × 1,200 dpi high-resolution RIP, and 10-bit smooth gradation correction processing
Note 3:        Applicable to paper up to 330 x 762 mm when printing on both sides
Note 4:       Collectively referring to the options including Interface Decurler Module D1, Interposer D1, Crease/Two-sided Trimmer D2, Folder Unit CD2, Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker, and Square Back Fold Trimmer D1.
Note 5:        A paid application that stores scanned documents in a predetermined storage location with a file name according to preset rules.
Note 6:        A cloud storage service by FUJIFILM Business Innovation. A separate contract is required.
Note 7         When using A4 landscape, non-coated paper, 52-128 g/m2 for colour printing, and 52-176 g/m2 for monochrome printing.
Note 8:        A security chip that manages the key to the encrypted data in the multifunction printer.
Note 9:        A certification granted to printers that pass a test meeting the print levels required by Adobe.