Managed Security Service is a subscription based artificial intelligence cyber security solution, delivered through the expertise of qualified cyber experts. The solution is powered by global threat intelligence, with behavior analysis to monitor customers’ internal network traffic, and correlates with existing security events. It improves cyber resilience at every level in business operations and customers are given real-time threat alerts before a Cyber Security incident occurs. Managed Security Service is fully supported by the FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s Service Operation Centre.

Security AI

Manages Threat Hunting, Detection and Response services and reduces the burden for IT teams by pro-actively, on a 24/7 basis, undertaking threats scanning on their network. Has technical capabilities not only to respond to a threat, but also remove and prevent it from reoccurring.

Managed Security Service collects a broad range of network and security traffic data, logs from network gateways and EDRs, decodes such data using network applications such as DNS or mail, and applies AI analysis to uncover undesirable behavior.

As the Managed Security Service is paired with threat intelligence, attacks at all level of the attack chain can be detected, meaning faster alerts to exploitation attempts, slow brute force attacks, Command & Control activities, lateral movements, Peer to Peer traffic, and data theft.


Security AI

Simplify Threat Hunting

Managed Security Service’s unique features study the behavior of compromised assets such as inbound and outbound connections and usage of ports and protocols, and uses this valuable information to strengthen external and internal system defenses.

Security AI

Faster and More Efficient Response

Managed Security Service provides a broad range of attack investigation experiences within the attack chain. Threat mitigation is prioritized based on the criticality of the at-risk business assets. Combined with our others security solutions such as Endpoint Secure and NGAF, Managed Security Service provides flexible and effective mitigation in a timely manner, offering recommendations for policy or patching, endpoint correlation and network correlation if a customer is using the same brand of security devices.

Security AI

Detection by monitoring every step of the attack chain

Managed Security Service collects a broad range of network and security data, logs from network gateways and EDRs, decodes such data using network applications such as DNS or mail, and applies AI analysis to uncover undesirable behavior.



Free up your security resources from monitoring Cyber Security events and logs, so customers can focus on more strategic initiatives to align business viable projects


Accelerated detection via real-time, high-fidelity monitoring, analysis, and investigation across the threat lifecycle to shorten the detection period and mitigate business impact.


Real-time insights and faster decisions are delivered by our Service Operations Center, run with standard operation procedures and industrial best practices.


Ability to Consult Experts about Cyber Security who provide professional advice, and giving you right up-to date security knowledge and skillsets at your fingertips

Use Cases

Formulating Managed Security Service (MSS), backed by A.I., Deep Learning and User and Entity Behavior Analytics for countering cyberattack, for the major construction firm engaged in design, build management, civil engineering and environmental businesses in Hong Kong.


  • No strategic and tactical solutions to effectively tackle ransomware attacks despite endless investment in cybersecurity solutions
  • IT team inadequately geared to continuously monitor and make efficient cybersecurity changes 
  • Costly to integrate existing cybersecurity equipment in silo to strengthen cybersecurity posture


Cost-effectiveness enhancement

Cost saved by simply subscribing to MSS riding on existing cybersecurity investment, with higher return on investment than having the SIEM platform

Comprehensive security solution

Highly professional technology tool with A.I. to minimize false alarm management and other tedious tasks

Operation efficiency

Continuous cyber threat monitoring and threat analysis service in Service Operation Center, so IT team can focus on other important tasks

Providing consultation and project implementation service on cybersecurity posture enhancement to a Hong Kong listed property developer engaging in the investment and development of residential and commercial buildings in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other mainland cities.


  • Difficult to monitor across the multitude of cybersecurity solutions within the corporate network
  • IT team overloaded with analyses of cybersecurity event and follow-up actions 
  • Manual internal cyber threat monitoring and analysis unable to provide 7x24 coverage 


Cyber A.I. Loop

Cyber A.I. Loop is built for continuous respond thorough understanding of the enterprise cybersecurity requirement

Intelligent monitoring and proactive cyber threat hunting

Self-learning A.I. enabling 7x24 cyber threat monitoring and autonomous analysis of cybersecurity event by detecting, hunting for and responding to cyber threat

Time efficiency

Augmented intelligence reducing up to 92% of cybersecurity analysts’ time


Security response automation

Autonomous response triggered when detecting suspicious cybersecurity event


Managed Security Service Brochure

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